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Easy and fun Campfire songs you can be playing FAST,...

Hi – David Taub here from Next Level Guitar – WHAT’S SUP! Many of you requested a list of easy and fun songs that are great campfire songs. Songs that sounds great to strum on the front porch, just jam with your friends, or to play around the campfire – don’t forget the marshmallows!

I put together a list of fun songs that you can be playing fairly quickly. These songs are mainly played with basic open position chords. I added a few on the list that have all open chords plus the F chord. Then to challenge you further I added another batch with all opens and a bar chord or two.Check out all the chords in our free video chord library on the site.

I chose the below songs as they are easy, fun, and popular – you probably heard of most. Plus you can make them your own. If a song starts off arpeggiated and you don’t want to play it that way, just do a strumming version with an easy 8th note strum pattern like d/d/u/u/d/u or d/u/d/u/u/d/u. Get creative with them.


  • Horse with no name by America
  • Last kiss covered by Pearl Jam
  • Good Riddance, Time of your Life strumming version by Green Day
  • Turn the Page by Bob Seager
  • Heart of Gold by Neil Young
  • Hey Jude by The Beatles
  • Take It Easy by The Eagles
  • Patience by Guns & Roses
  • American Pie by Don McLean
  • Times Like These, acoustic version by The Foo Fighters
  • Knocking on Heavens Door by Bob Dylan or Guns & Roses Version
  • Margaritaville by Jimmy Buffet
  • Bad Moon Rising by Creedence Clearwater Revival
  • Every Rose Has Its Thorn by Poison
  • Story of my Life, acoustic version by Mike Ness of Social Distortion
  • Atlantic City by Bruce Springsteen
  • Me and Bobby McGee by Janis Joplin
  • What I Got by Sublime
  • Who will save your Soul by Jewell
  • Blister In the Sun by The Violent Femmes
  • Nutshell, acoustic version by Alice in Chains
  • Swing Life Away by Rise Against
  • Let it Be by The Beatles, change key from C major from G major, then wont need F chord
  • If It Makes You Happy by Sheryl Crow
  • You’ve got to hide your love away by The Beatles
  • Wonderwall by Oasis
  • The Scientist by Coldplay
  • You’re Beautiful by James Blunt
  • Collide by Howie Day
  • How’s It Gonna Be by Third Eye Blind
  • Wild Night by Van Morrison
  • Wild Thing by The Trogs
  • Zombie by The Cranberries


  • Hurt, Johnny Cash version
  • I am the Highway, acoustic version by Audioslave
  • House of the rising sun by The Animals
  • Wild World by Cat Stevens
  • Pink Houses by John Cougar
  • Mr. Jones by The Counting Crows
  • Have You Ever Seen The Rain by Creedence Clearwater Revival
  • Mother by Pink Floyd
  • New Slang by The Shins

One bar chord needed

  • Peaceful Easy Feeling by The Eagles
  • Tangled up in Blue by Bob Dylan
  • Boulevard of Broken Dreams by Green Day
  • Against the Wind by Bob Seager
  • Stay by Lisa Loeb
  • Yellow by Coldplay
  • High & Dry by Radiohead
  • Californication by The Red Hot Chili Peppers
  • Man on the Moon by REM
  • Runaway Train by Soul Asylum

Two bar chords needed

  • Hotel California strumming version by The Eagles
  • I will survive, Cake version
  • Desperado by The Eagles
  • Everybody Hurts by REM
  • Caring is Creepy by The Shins
  • Head over Feet by Alanis Morrisette

Remember not to depend entirely on songs as you move forward in your guitar journey. But rather use songs as vehicles to help propel your playing to the next level. Use a song as a vehicle to practice certain chord changes, work on your strumming, or to work on your rhythm and timing.

Also remember to continually challenge yourself with more and more challenging songs – push yourself … as when you tackle harder songs it then makes the easier songs easy as pie to play.

Best of luck and Rock On!

David Taub

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