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Hello Good People – David Taub here from Next Level Guitar and I want to tell you about our new DVD release titled "BEGINNER SURF GUITAR". This course consists of two region-free DVDs with over three and a half hours of surf guitar lessons and gear demonstrations.

Learn the amazing surf guitar techniques of some of the greatest surf guitar players of all time. And you will also learn the techniques they employ and about all the gear to get that trademark vintage surf tone.

Throughout this DVD series you will also learn how to use effects like reverb and delay to get trademark surf tones. Learn techniques like double picking, flutter strumming, arpeggiating rhythms, open string riffs, and tremolo arm use. You will also learn many new strum patterns, picking patterns, and all kinds of different and interesting surf guitar rhythms.

Surf guitar is so much fun to play and with these lessons you will be rocking it out in no time. Throughout these lessons you will also learn how to dress up and embellish your playing. For example, you will learn how to embellish open and bar chords by manipulating notes within the chord with your fret hand. This really adds spice and interest to your playing. Learn all the tricks of the trade with Next Level Guitar by your side for every lick and rhythm.


And learning is easy with our ON-SCREEN TABLATURE. So you see all the licks, riffs, progressions, and chords written out in tablature on the screen. This makes it very fast and easy to follow along and to start making music.

All rhythm and lead licks and riffs are broken down and explained and demonstrated at slow speed and regular speed. This way you don't have to keep hitting the rewind and pause buttons. We build all our DVDs and lesson plans keeping student perspective in mind.

We make learning fast and as easy as possible by breaking each section of the lesson into digestible parts that will get you playing and rocking out in the fastest and most efficient manner. You get tight shots of pick hand for all picking action as well as we describe all the picking motions, a must when learning surf guitar. Tight shots of the fret hand take you in on all the fretted notes up close and personal.

All our instructional DVD products are burned from glass masters and are therefore REGION FREE and will work on just about any player worldwide. And we ship all over the world! So no matter where you are on the planet we can ship you our instructional products.

Below is the complete DVD menu breakdown and synopsis of all the lessons on this two DVD set. Feel free to email us any questions and keep on rocking!

Take care
-David Taub

DVD menus and lesson breakdown:


DVD Intro – in this DVD introduction we discuss the coming lessons and the format for the Surf-Rockabilly lesson series. We go over the topics to be covered throughout the series and we also go over the tunings used in the lessons and the styles that will be covered throughout the coming materials.

Surf Tone - this section of the DVD is broken into two lessons:

1. Surf tone and picking lesson – in this lesson we discuss surf techniques like picking, double picking, reverb effects, and rhythm. This lesson will help you to dial in that trademark surf tone. All picking patterns are written out in on-screen text and examples are played at slow and regular tempos.

2. Tremolo arm bending lesson – in this lesson you will learn how to get some cool surf sounds using the tremolo arm and some reverb. This use of the tremolo arm helps gives that trademark classic Surf sounds. Learn how to use the bar while strumming and pre-bending the arm. Learn a cool practice progression using these new techniques. Tons of fun and killer sounds too!

Spy, Tiki, and Surf Guitar - this section of the DVD is broken into three lessons:

1. Spy-Tiki Peter Gunn style rhythms lesson – in this lesson you will learn easy and fun rhythmic ideas in the Spy/Surf Peter Gunn guitar style. You will learn some of the techniques to get that Spy/Surf Tone. You will also learn all about palm muting, open string licks, chromatic runs, and down-stroke picking.

2. Spy-Tiki surf rhythm lesson – in this lesson you will learn some Spy/Tiki licks on the low end of the guitar for some cool tones. String bending and vibrato are emphasized in this lesson to give added interest and effect. We then add some overdrive to the amp to get even more sounds.

3. Spy Pink Panther style licks – in this lesson you will learn some Pink Panther-esque Spy/Surf licks played a few different ways. Learn how to add hammer-ons and slides to spice up these licks while adding interest and texture. You will also learn how to add octave licks to add even more interest and spice to these licks.

Rhythms I – this section of the DVD is broken into three lessons:

1. Spanish Surf arpegiated rhythm lesson – in this lesson we do something a little different and teach single string arpeggiation to get some new sounds. We also will teach how adding vibrato or tremolo effect that can give you new and different tones. Learn all the chords and picking patterns fast and easy in this fun lesson. You will also learn how to get different sounds and tones from experimenting with your instrument.

2. All down-strokes Surf rhythm lesson – in this fun and easy lesson you will learn some cool surf progressions using all down-strokes. This down-stroke only technique is a fun and easy method that will get you playing these surf sounds fast and easy.

3. Surf garage rhythm lesson – in this lesson we go for another new tone and add a little overdrive to a tube amplifier for some different surf tones. Here you will learn some killer grungy garage surf licks and progressions. Learn to add string bending licks, open string riffs, dissonant sounding notes, slides, double picking, and more to create some killer surf music and tones.

Rhythms II Faster Picking - this section of the DVD is broken into three lessons:

1. Surf melody rhythm lesson – in this lesson you will learn to take a surf riff and think more in terms of turning it into a song melody. This lesson will get you bouncing all over the fretboard to connect some musical ideas into a cohesive progression. Then add chordal melody on top with some easy chords. Then learn even more embellishing as well as flutter strumming to add more interest.

2. Surf rhythm fast picking lesson – in this lesson we continue teaching fast picked surf progressions. This rhythm continues to work the double picking technique that you learned in earlier lessons on this DVD. Lot of cool open string riffs adds to the surf tone in this progression. Learn a finger stretch technique for a more flowing feel moving up the guitar neck. With the completion of this lesson and lots of practice you will now be ready to move to more intermediate surf guitar techniques and lessons.

3. Cool Surf progression lesson – in this lesson you will learn another cool surf progression using fast picking combined with open and bar chords. Learn how to embellish chords by manipulating notes in the chord with your fingers. This technique really dresses up your playing and adds interest and spice. You will also learn some killer open string riffs using pull-offs, as well as string muting to get killer surf tones.


With so many choices in the market today as far as guitars, amps, and effects how do you really know how to get the sounds you are seeking? How do you dial in that magic tone that we hear in our heads but often we find so elusive?

Well don't fret as we have assembled a two-hour DVD demonstrating the sounds and discussing the features of Surf and Rockabilly gear. We demonstrate the solid and hollow bodied electric guitars, amplifiers, and effects that will get you dialed into those vintage and trademark Surf and Rockabilly tones.

We go over all the features of the equipment and demo all the sounds and settings so you can hear for yourself if these are the tones you seek. We take you through some of the most famous instruments and gear used in this style of music. Where else can you hear all this equipment demonstrated in one power packed wallop for your viewing and audio pleasure? Next Level Guitar – that is where!

We all know just how expensive good quality gear is these days. So when making such a huge investment you want to be as sure as possible that you will be satisfied with the gear you purchase. As well as you want to fully understand how to use it and dial up all the killer settings and tones. And this two-hour DVD will help you do just that!

Throughout this DVD we dive deep into the gear that gives you that trademark and vintage Surf and Rockabilly sounds.


Fender Electric Guitars – in this three-part section we go over three of the most popular Fender solid body electric guitars for playing Surf and Rockabilly music – the Fender Jazzmaster, Fender Jaguar, and the Fender Stratocaster. Learn all about the features and pickups of each guitar. Learn the complex wheel and button control system of the Fender Jaguar. Hear all the tones and pickup combinations of each guitar as we demo all the guitar sounds and tones.

Gretsch Guitars – in this four-part section we demo the sounds and discuss the features of four popular Gretsch model guitars used in Surf and Rockabilly music – the G6120 Brian Setzer model, the Country Club model 6196, the Reverend Horton Heat model, and the classic White Falcon. These are the famous hollow body and semi hollow body guitars that have created some of the most famous tones of all time for Surf and Rockabilly guitar. Check out all the famous Gretsch tones in these videos.

Amplifiers – in this four-part section we demo the sounds and discuss the features of some of the tube amplifiers that we utilized during the filming of these DVDs. These tube amps are perfect for the Surf and Rockabilly style. Check out all the features, channels, EQ sections, effects, inputs, and more of these four classic amplifiers – the Fender Bassman, Fender Bandmaster, Fender Vibrolux, and the Peavey Classic. Hear all the amps demonstrated in fine details in this video series.

Effects – in this five-part series we demo the sounds and discuss the features of the common effects used in Surf and Rockabilly guitar. Learn all about Reverb, Tremolo, the Univibe effect, Tube Tape Echo, and Tape Echo Delay. Trying to get all the setting knobs on effect pedals to their sweet spots is a complex and laborious chore. But don't fret as we teach how to dial in the settings in no time at all! Learn how to get the vintage settings on this gear as all sounds are discussed and demonstrated. We also teach how to get the most texture and tone from the delay effects.


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