Monster Pentatonic Chops

taught by Dave Nassie

Hello Good People – David Taub here from Next Level Guitar and I want to tell you about our special DVD release titled "MONSTER PENTATONIC CHOPS".

Build speed and accuracy as Dave Nassie teaches you new, different, and creative ways to use pentatonic scales. Course includes two hours of video lessons teaching you how to pentatonically master the fret board. Break out of that "box" style of playing and into bold new pentatonic territories and take your pentatonic playing to a whole new level.

Learn modern techniques using pentatonic scales like sizzling 3-note per string licks across the fret board, hybrid picking techniques, fast legato licks, fret board tapping, string skipping, combining shapes across the neck, and mastering alternate picking. Also increase your fretboard visualization, learn all kinds of picking sequences, build tremendous speed and more. Plus with the included “In The Style Of Lessons” you will learn the techniques and interpret the styles of Eric Johnson, Richie Kotzen, Guthrie Govan, and Rusty Cooley. For intermediate to advanced players.


"Get Out of The Box” and Unlock the Secrets to Master Pentatonic Scales in New Ways

Build Blinding Speed and Accuracy As We Teach You New, Different and Creative Ways to Use Pentatonic Scales

Since pentatonic scales are the most common scales utilized throughout most musical genres you can apply these techniques to multiple playing styles including rock, blues, country, jazz, and more!

This two-hour comprehensive course teaches you how to pentatonically master the fretboard and how to use pentatonic scales in new and different ways.

Break out of that box style of playing and into bold new pentatonic territories and take your Pentatonic playing to a whole new level!

Learn these modern techniques using Pentatonic Scales:

  • Sizzling three-note per string pentatonic licks across the neck
  • Hybrid picking techniques to add flair and flash
  • Ripping hammer-on and pull-off licks and fast legato licks
  • Build speed, dexterity, and fret stretch abilities
  • Killer fretboard tapping through scale shapes
  • String skipping and creative number group licks
  • Combine shapes to play blazing licks across the neck
  • Learn to use the entire neck all positions of the pentatonic scale
  • Exercises to help master alternate picking, hybrid picking, and to build tremendous speed

Plus with the included “In The Style Of Lessons” you will learn the techniques and interpret the styles of:

  • Eric Johnson
  • Richie Kotzen
  • Guthrie Govan
  • Rusty Cooley

Learn an array of characteristic pentatonic licks, devices, and playing techniques of four the greatest modern six-string guitar legends!

  • Increase your fretboard navigation and visualization!
  • Learn all kinds of picking sequences, licks, and devices.
  • Learn creative paths to help glide through the pentatonic scales as blistering speeds.
  • And with the hybrid picking techniques, you will learn a new way of attacking the guitar.

DVD menus and lesson breakdown:

Video lesson menus and content:

  • Pentatonic Scale Shapes – in this lesson we breakdown all five positions of the Minor Pentatonic scale. Here you will learn all the shapes that will be taught throughout the lesson. Plus, learn how to connect them together, ways to practice them across and down the neck, scales on one string, proper fingering, and tips on fretboard visualization.
  • Number Groups – in this lesson you will learn creative techniques using number groups to get new sounds from pentatonic scales. You will also learn how to move these patterns around the neck. You will learn to apply hammer ons and pull-offs, number groupings, and alternate picking to pentatonic scales. You will also learn all kinds of ripping pattern and repeated licks, two-note per string alternate picking pentatonic licks, and picking warm-up licks. Also, learn blue note licks, licks in groups of threes, fives, sixes, and sevens, three-note per string picked licks, and three-note per string licks across the neck.
  • Hybrid Picking Pentatonics – take pentatonics in a fun direction using hybrid picking. Learn all about hybrid picking techniques and proper finger useage. Learn four and five-note hybrid sequence licks, various hybrid picking patterns and descending hybrid licks. Also you will learn low to high pattern licks and how to move these licks around within the scale shapes and around the neck. Then learn how to add string bends to hybrid picked licks and develop wicked sounding licks using these techniques. Learn to connect licks across the fretboard combining pentatonic scales using hybrid picking. Throughout this leson you will see all the hybrid picking up close with tight shots of the pick hand so you wont miss a single note or lick! And in this lesson you will learn the techniques with economy of motion and tons of technique tips along the way so you can incorporate it into your playing and use it as a means to further develop your own style.
  • Hammer-On, Pull-Off, & Tapping Pents – in these lesons you will learn fantastic new ways to use hammer-ons and pull-offs with scorching three-note per string pentatonic licks. Learn wide interval licks that combine multiple pentatonic shapes. You will also learn hammer and pull stretching exercises, how to move pentatonic patterns across the neck, string skipping licks using hammer-ons and pull-offs, killer sounding triad and chromatic licks, and how to move licks in different keys. In the tapping section you will learn how to creatively incorporate fret tapping using pentatonic scales. Learn wide interval jumps using right hand tapping, long tapping licks through entire pentatonic shapes, tap and bend licks, tap licks using the blue note, and the famous “may I help you” tapped lick. Learn to play these licks throughout all the pentatonic shapes with lots of technique tips along the way.
  • “Inspired By” Pentatonics Lessons – in these four lessons you will learn pentatonic licks and techniques inspired by some epic modern shredders:
    Guthrie Govan inspired lesson – fasten your seat belt for this lesson as you will soon be burning up the fretboard with these “inspired by” licks and techniques. Learn blazing wide stretch legato three-note per string pentatonic licks. You will also learn to use slides to glide across the fretboad and how to add tapping licks for different sounds. Learn to move these fast legato licks across the fretboard. And as an added bonus will also learn to apply these techniques to major scales.
  • Richie Kotzen inspired lesson – here you will learn some “inspired by” pentatonic hybrid picking techniques and licks. Learn how to move these techniques and licks all over the fretboard in various pentatonic positions and how to add legato techniques. As an added bonus to round out your playing repertoire you will learn how to move these techniques around through a major scale and also some fun arpeggios using hybrid picking. These sounds will blow you away and blast your playing into the next stratosphere!
  • Rusty Cooley inspired lesson – in this lesson we will map out three-note per string wide stretch pentatonic licks with position shifting. These techniques will really open the door to new creative sounds and licks. You will also learn some fabulous long seven-note descending pattern pentatonic licks and ascending pattern licks utilizing hammer-ons and pull-offs. Amazing new style of pentatonics you will want to add to your playing arsenal!
  • Eric Johnson inspired lesson – in this lesson you will learn a picking style inspired by this fabulous guitar player. These techniques can be employed throughout your pentatonic scales and licks. First learn some pentatonic ascending and descending groups of five notes. Learn a five-note pattern that you can move through the pentatonic shapes and create killer new licks and sounds. You will also learn hammer and pull licks combining pentatonic shapes. Mix this style into your playing and have fun with it!
  • Bonus Footage – instructor interview with Dave Nassie. In this fun interview learn more about Next Level Guitar instructor Dave Nassie. Learn about some of Dave’s musical influences, how he got started playing guitar, his musical upbringing, embarassing moments on stage, his thoughts on gear, playing tips and much more!

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