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  • Learn the 12-note scale on the guitar – I take you through the critical steps of learning all the notes on the guitar neck – but with a twist – I make it fast, fun, and easy and then I give you exercises on how to practice them in ways that you will soon have them all down cold and not forget them over time.

  • String Muting made easy to clean up your sound and avoid unwanted string noise – all the techniques needed.

  • Picking Techniques – improve your picking speed and accuracy so fast you won’t believe it

  • Finger Strength and Dexterity exercises – many exercises that will strengthen your fret hand as well as tie your pick and fret hand together. Dexterity exercises and exercises for each individual finger – remember the more strength in your fret hand then the more you can do with the notes and the more tone you will have.

  • Hammer On, Pull-off & Trill techniques and exercises – learn the proper way to perform these critical lead guitar techniques – and you get plenty of exercises and practice regimens to get you up to speed fast.

  • String Bending techniques – string bending is one of the most expressive things you can do on the guitar. Here I teach you the proper techniques to bend strings properly as well as exercises and technique checks for your practice routines.

  • Tuning Tips – learn how to get your guitar in tune so it stays in tune.

  • Eb Tuning – learn all about the how’s and whys of Eb tuning – a very important tuning for blues and rock

  • Vibrato Technique – learn how to properly perform vibrato, one of the most critical aspects of lead guitar, and how to develop your own signature sound using vibrato.

  • Solo Strategy – learn how to go about soling and improvising, how to play what relates to all or how to treat each chord like a separate event and solo over each chord independently.

  • Scales – scales defined, learn the most common scales used in blues and rock. Learn the minor pentatonic scale and learn it all over the neck. You will also learn the blues scale all over the neck and the expanded I minor pentatonic and expanded I blues scale which connect patterns across the neck so you can get out of the boxes and play laterally across the neck. This will instantly give your playing a more fluid sound and get you out of the same old box patterns.

  • Riffs With Melody – start learning how to create riffs from scales and do it in a melodic fashion that will draw the listeners into your soloing. And you can start practicing them over the included jam tracks – we get you going fast! Learn finger rolling riffs, and lots of easy blues licks in these lessons.

  • Doublestops – Learn all about doublestops and doublestop bends to add a lot of texture to your soloing.

  • Practice Devices – learn how to take what you have been learning so far in this series and meld it into a guitar workout. Learn to play riffs in 3’s and 4’s and open up endless riff possibilities, and also learn more blues riffs in this lesson.

  • Licks & Riffs – Learn more easy and fun blues and blues rock riffs and licks as well as repeating licks along the expanded scales that you have been learning – this will really open up the fretboard to you

  • Spice It Up – learn how to spice up the scales you have been learning by adding passing notes, slurs, slides, special bends, bluesy string slapping and snapping, and how to vary your sound by attacking the strings in different ways. These lessons will instantly spice up your playing.

  • Scales – Learn the minor pentatonic expanded II scale and now you will be playing across almost the entire fretboard in a smooth and fluid manner. Also learn the expanded II blues scale and move that over the neck. These scales are critical and you will be using them all the time.

  • Licks & Riffs – Learn octave licks to jazz up your blues, learn even more blues licks and riffs as well as blues licks utilizing advanced bending techniques.

  • Scales – Learn the major pentatonic scale – another extremely common scale used all the time in blues and rock.

  • Scale Useage – In this lesson you will learn how to properly apply the scales you have been learning. It’s not enough just to learn scales but you must also learn how and when to use them. Here you will learn over what chords, in what keys, and over what progressions can you utilize the scales that you have been learning throughout this DVD series. This is a critical and often missed step – but you get it all here in this DVD series!

  • Major & Minor – learn how to combine playing major and minor pentatonic for a killer sound and also how to play over each chord using some basic arpeggios for a very sophisticated sound.

  • Jam Tracks – here you get jam tracks in different keys to apply what you have been learning. These practice tracks are essential tools to use when practicing your soloing and improvising. We switch up the keys and rhythms so you can get comfortable soloing in different keys all over the neck – rip it up!

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