Would You Like to Skyrocket Your Soloing and Quickly Gain Lead Guitar Confidence?

Then Check Out How I Redefined The Very Notion
Of Jam Tracks – And How It Can Vault Your
Guitar Playing To The Next Level, FAST! . . .

Next Level Guitar Delta/Chicago
Blues Jam Tracks PLUS

Learn what to play lead guitar wise over any song or chord progression

Learn the skills to give you the confidence to play lead guitar over ANY track

Learn what scales work over what chords

Learn scale usage

Hi - David Taub here, co-founder of Next Level Guitar

I am so excited to release my brand new "Delta/Chicago Jam Tracks Plus" CD. I just can't stand it – You are going to LOVE these retro sounding bluesy tracks!!

But it's not just the tracks themselves that you will love – it's how they can rocket your guitar playing to the next level, more quickly and more easily than ever before.

Let me explain...This is really important to your guitar playing, so please read carefully...

10 KILLER sounding audio Jam Tracks inspired by blues legends such as:

BB King
Muddy Waters
Lightnin' Hopkins
And many more…
Elmore James
Howlin Wolf
Eddie Taylor
Robert Johnson
T-Bone Walker
Albert Collins

You see, my new "Delta/Chicago Jam Tracks Plus" redefine the very notion of ordinary jam tracks.
These are like jam tracks on steroids.

Let me explain. This is really important to your guitar playing, so please read carefully . . .

What is wrong with ordinary Jam Tracks?

Plenty, it turns out...

As you probably already know, jam tracks, (or “backing tracks”), are an essential tool to hone your lead guitar playing and improvisational skills. Simply put, if you really want to get to the next level, jam tracks are a “must–have” for your toolbox.

But here’s the problem. Most jam track products simply give you the music backing and leave it up to you as to how to make use of them!

Sure, the tracks might sound nice, but if you don’t know exactly HOW to fully take advantage of the incredible practice tool that is a backing track, then you’re just someone standing in an elevator listening to Muzak.

Okay, slight exaggeration but you get the point Noodleing along to a jam track without understanding WHY you’re playing a particular scale, or trying different scales and lead guitar avenues means you won’t be able to learn and adopt those avenues to other parts of your playing and to other tracks and songs. You just end up playing the same old things without any structure or direction.

It’s the difference between handing someone a fish sandwich for lunch rather than teaching them to fish for a lifetime.

So Here’s How I Solved This Problem and
How My
“Delta/Chicago Blues Jam Tracks Plus”
Allows You to Leap Ahead More Quickly ...

I knew I had to do something to solve this jam track dilemma when I began hearing the same questions from students over and over again. Questions such as:

“How do I know what scales to play over a given progression?”

“What can I play over these chord changes?”

“Will this scale work in this key?”

“I was playing with friends and they starting playing a song, and I was lost. I didn’t know what to play lead guitar-wise over what they were jamming – where do I go? HELP!”

“How do you know what lead guitar avenues to take over a given progression?”

“What different scales work besides the one I know?”

“How can I practice lead guitar efficiently?”

So I decided to create a new jam track product that covered these questions and more.

My first step was to produce some killer audio tracks that sound great and are fun and motivating to play. I mean, let’s face it, if the tracks are just so-so, then you won’t want to practice as much.

I’ll be honest with you – there are some decent-sounding jam tracks out there, but here’s the thing:
I couldn’t find one that offered any real help in giving the complete lead guitar picture. None gave the complete tool set or full on lessons that transform backing music into a springboard for progress.

So you, the student, play the same things over the tracks and, sure, it’s fun, but does it help make you a better player?

Does it get your guitar playing to the next level? Does it teach you how to take a new lead guitar technique and apply it across ALL your lead playing opportunities? Does it give you the tools to be able to play over any track, any song, or any progression so you know and can apply all kinds of lead guitar avenues?

In most instances, the answer is “No,” you don’t get those essential tools – you just get tracks or maybe a few sentences with each track but that’s about it.

Well, now I’ve solved that with my special new release
of “Delta/Chicago Blues Jam Tracks Plus”!

Delta/Chicago Blues Jam Tracks Plus is dramatically different than other random backing tracks or an online downloaded jam tracks you may have seen.

With this package you get the jam tracks plus a huge supplemental book of lessons teaching you various lead guitar avenues for each track and why they work.

No longer will you will you ask yourself questions like, "Okay, over Track 1 I'm supposed to play this scale . . . buy WHY does it work? "Is that the only scale I can play?". Sounds great here, but how can I incorporate this into other stuff I want to play?!"

You learn what works over what and why. And then you apply it by practicing over the tracks. So now instead of just playing along to some nice background music, you are involved in a real, exciting tutorial that will take your lead guitar playing to new heights.

And as you may have already discovered, when you practice with a purpose, you gain confidence and begin hearing amazing things from your guitar that you never heard yourself creating before.

In my book, that’s the greatest feeling in the world!!

So let me ask you this . . .

- Wouldn't it be cool to automatically know what scales, modes will work over a given set of chords so you can go right to them?

- Wouldn't it be awesome to have that lead guitar confidence to be able to play lead guitar over virtually any song or progression?

- How great would it feel to finally have the ability to analyze chords, songs, and progressions – and go straight to the proper lead guitar avenues, without even thinking about it?

Well, you'll be able to do all that with my new course…...and more.

Delta/Chicago Blues Jam Tracks Plus

Here is what you’ll get in this special promotion:

- The Delta/Chicago Blues Jam Tracks Plus CD with 10 killer audio tracks

- The coinciding instantly downloadable PDF Lead Guitar Written Lesson Book

- Free Worldwide shipping – anywhere on the planet!

Order now or keep reading for more details

Let me break this down for you so that you can understand why I’m so excited...

The Delta/Chicago Blues Jam Tracks Plus Audio CD
This killer CD has 10 full-on Jam Tracks that are both fun and empowering to use as practice tools. These tracks are a great way to hone your lead guitar skills to a sharp edge. Make no mistake: These tracks sound fantastic because they have been professionally recorded and mastered at Sound Source Studios here in San Diego.

The tracks contain a full band playing minus the lead guitar. That means it's rhythm guitar, drums, bass guitar, and then YOU will be the lead guitar player tearing it up all over these tracks.

These tracks kick butt – period. Along with the written lesson book, they will get your lead guitar playing to the next level….FAST.

To give this CD the most possible valuable variety, I mixed up the keys, chords, and tempos to give you lots of lead guitar avenues over different rhythmic jam examples.
The Coinciding Lead Guitar
Written Lesson Book

(Instantly Downloadable PDF - Retail value: $24.95)

Packed with more than 35 pages of lead guitar knowledge and lessons - you're going to be amazed at the level of easy-to-use detail I have assembled here!

This is where it gets really great – this book is the keystone that transforms the jam tracks CD from mere background music to focused tutorial. This is it – this is how you take your playing to the next level!

These written lessons will take you through each jam track, teaching the complete lead guitar picture for each one. You'll learn multiple guitar avenues, and you'll learn why each avenue works. So you will learn what to play over certain keys, chords, and progressions.

You'll know what works and why it works. And that will allow you to blast these concepts across your entire playing repertoire.

If you don't know some of the scales in each lesson, no problem - I diagram them all out in the book – it's all there for you to devour and then tear it up over each track!

I give you the complete lead guitar picture and teach you how to pull tracks apart and analyze them to learn what lead guitar avenues will work. I teach you what scales and modes work over given keys, chords, and progressions. Plus you get everything written out for easy reference. In short, with this book and the jam tracks CD you get the complete lead guitar picture.

As you may know, just knowing the key signature is only part of the picture. It's the chords that will give you the complete roadmap to what you can utilize for soloing and improvisation. Analyzing the chords is critical to get the full lead guitar picture. Knowing what key you are in is only part of it, analyzing the chords gives you the full picture and I will teach you how to do it within these written lessons.

The book is packed with scale diagrams and scale explanations – LEARN:

Minor Pentatonic scales
Expanded Minor Pentatonic scales
And more!
Major Pentatonic scales
Expanded Blues scales
Blues scales
Major Pentatonic Sus4 scales

In these written lessons you will also learn:

How to spice up your Minor Pentatonic scales
Learn ten helpful hints to get your playing to the next level
Learn the key points to determine soloing avenues
Learn the order of sharps and flats
And plenty more lead guitar playing tips and tricks...
Learn the circle of fifths
Learn the choices when soloing
Learn the notes on the fretboard

I am offering this course for



Here’s my Totally Risk-Free, No-Worries,
“Rock On” Guarantee

Let me make this easy for you. Just dive in and soak up every lesson in this package. Put the methods to practice and watch your playing get to the next level all while having fun.

Your purchase is unconditionally guaranteed for 90 days, no questions asked. Period.

Thanks again for letting me help you in your guitar journey. Take your playing to the next level NOW and let’s get started!

ROCK ON, Good People!
David Taub

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