Hello – this is David from Next Level Guitar. I want to let you know that I am very proud to launch my brand new four DVD beginner course. It will get you playing guitar and getting results in the fastest and most efficient manner. This course has over eight hours of instructional materials on four DVDs. I will take you right from the start of your guitar journey all the while making it fun and easy. I make learning guitar infectious and through my proven methods you will want to pick up the guitar and practice and play more,…and more,…and MORE.

I don’t use the past old school methods that have frustrated students trying to learn guitar for years. I will start you off by teaching you the fundamentals and building a solid foundation to keep you moving up in levels. At the start it is vital that you don’t develop any bad habits, and I spend a lot of time teaching you rock solid principles, correct, technique, and the proper way to go about learning on the guitar to maximize your time and efforts. My methods include what is often overlooked in other programs – STRUCTURE – so you know exactly what to practice. Included are easy to follow practice routines to ensure you are practicing the right things and not wasting your time. We will help you practice your strumming, to learn new chords, to work on your rhythm, timing, and chord changing. I make it interesting, So practice is no longer like practice, but rather a fun and enjoyable way to learn guitar. My teaching methodology has helped hundreds and hundreds of guitar players all over the world. My methods work and they will get playing and having fun fast!

I feel one of the most important things when learning guitar is to have a structured plan. So I lay out the structure over the four DVDs and teach you exactly what to practice. The DVDs have practice routines that review what you learned, review where you should be at a given part in your guitar journey, and what you should be practicing moving forward. It is so important to be practicing the right things. Many other methods leave out this structure and students end up frustrated and spinning their wheels.

Remember, you just cant be practicing anything – you have to practice the RIGHT THINGS – and we provide you with structured practice routines that will maximize your time and get you playing fast. We also tie all our concepts together and then apply them on the guitar. These are critical concepts when learning guitar that are often left out of traditional old school methods. So my course is not disjointed or fragmented – but tied together in a way that is easy to understand, apply, and will keep you moving forward to THE NEXT LEVEL and get you rocking out fast.

DVD introduction & Chords – this menu item is broken down into four sub-sections.


-Proper technique – we will teach you the fundamentals and build a solid foundation on technique. This is absolutely critical, as you don’t want to pick up any bad habits early on as those are so hard to untangle later. We also set three realistic and obtainable goals to get you playing songs. We are all about results! We will take you right from the start in this DVD and teach you:

-how to hold the guitar

-how to hold the pick

-learn the six open strings

-how to read chord charts

-proper fret hand technique

-reviews and technique tips

-Practice tips – It is absolutely critical that you are practicing the right things and following a structured plan. We will teach you exactly what to practice and have reviews on what you should have learned up to certain points on the DVD. We also discuss how you will be learning and practicing by utilizing popular songs and how we use them as a vehicle – the goal of course is not to learn the song per se, but the goal is to use the song as a vehicle to practice the techniques we are working on at that given time on the DVD. We also discuss the importance of developing your ear and start getting your ear developed to hearing the “colors” of chords.

-Guitars and parts – When you are first starting out the fundamentals for learning guitar are pretty much the same on acoustic or on electric. We teach you the differences between the two and the differences on learning between the two. We discuss which one you will want to choose, and we teach you the parts of the acoustic guitar and the parts of the electric guitar.


-Learning chords – We will teach you your first set of nine open position chords. We show you the proper technique, finger position, fret hand technique, and all that you need to know to start playing chords in the proper manner while utilizing the proper techniques. In DVD two you will learn E and E minor chords, A and A minor chords, D and D minor chords, C and Cadd9 chords, and G chords.

-Strumming – Strumming, strum patterns, and rhythm and timing are probably on the top of the list for the most frustrating things to get a handle on for the beginner. So we break each concept down and teach them to you in a manner that will demystify and get you rocking out in no time!  In this DVD we teach you how to strum in time, strum mechanics, all about rhythm and meter, how to play in time, and you will learn three different strum patterns. You will also learn all about measures, quarter notes and eighth notes.

-Chord library – In DVD two we include a chord library section with up close videos of your first nine chords to learn. It is so important to get be utilizing the proper technique when fretting chords we wanted to give you direct close ups on the neck of each of the nine chords. These chords will be the basis for our songs and exercises to follow and will allow you to play thousands of songs – just with these chords! It is quite amazing.

-Guitar terms – We start you off with teaching some basic guitar terminology. It is very important to understand some terminology and guitar “lingo”, so we can speak the language of music and the language of guitar. You will learn about sharps and flats, whole and half steps, guitar symbols, intervals, and octaves. You will also learn how stringed instruments work to give sound and tie it all together with ear training. You will also learn what different symbols mean as far as what strings to play when reading chord charts and we also have a funny little message on music theory to get you primed and pumped for the future.

-Practice routines – As stated above practicing the right things and following a structured plan is critical. We continue your guitar journey on DVD three with more practice routines that review and outline what you want to be working on when practicing.

-Finger stretches – We will teach you basic finger stretches to help build finger strength and dexterity. You will need to your fret hand fingers stretched out a bit to make voicing chords a bit easier and we will show you how. It’s so important as a guitarist to have good finger strength and dexterity. In this lesson you will learn some basic finger stretches to do with the guitar and also stretches you can do when you don’t have your guitar.


-String muting – In this section we will teach you how to mute out certain strings so they don’t ring out while your are playing chords. This is a vital technique, as without it you will have extra notes ringing out and muddying up your chords. This will really clean up your chords and get you sounding awesome!

-Chord changing – Changing chords in time can be one of the most challenging tasks for the guitarist. But I will make it fun by teaching you certain must know techniques of chord changing to make chord changing clean and easy. Without these techniques you are setting yourself up for frustration and much extra work. I will take you through all kinds of open chord changes utilizing these principles – and the toughest – the dreaded F chord.

-Play Chord Progressions – In this segment we will use chord progressions ( which is just fancy guitar lingo for the chords that make up a song) as a vehicle to practice and apply the techniques that you have learned to date. Everything you learn will have application – this is so critical to apply what you are learning. It all comes together here as we apply all things that you are learning and practicing to date.

-Practice routines - Continue your guitar journey on DVD three with more practice routines that review and outline what you want to be working on when practicing. As I always state, to maximize your learning you just can’t be practicing any old things – you have to be following a structured plan. STRUCTURE IS KEY and that is what will get more of on DVD 3.

-Chord library – In DVD 3 we include more up close videos in a small chord library section. So you can see the fingerings and techniques up close and personal.


-Suspended chords – On DVD 4 I will start to teach you suspended and add chords. These chords are so critical to learn how to apply as they will really spice up your playing and add richness and interest. You will also get suspended practice progressions and learn how to pepper them into your playing to add color. I will also work on getting good right and left hand separation so you can be strumming away with one hand and peppering in chords with the other – gaining total independence over both hands.

-Chord Changes – In this segment I will teach you to tackle the harder open chord changes. Some changes will require a bit more work and we will go over a few of them here like G to C and G to Am. Remember, YOU CAN DO IT – just takes a little time and practice.

-Play Chord Progressions – I will continue on DVD 4 teaching you how to apply all that you are learning and to play chord progressions ( which is just fancy guitar lingo for the chords that make up a song). Remember, we make it fun to practice your rhythm, timing, strumming and chord changes.

Arpeggiate – Here I will teach you how to arpeggiate chords and notes to get a cool sounds. We will use chords that you know already know and are very familiar with. I will show you have to play individual notes in a chord as opposed to strumming all the notes of a chord at once.