Hello Good People – David Taub here from Next Level Guitar. Tim and I are really stoked to bring our unique teaching techniques to you in Full Screen DVD format. We break down popular songs and make them simple and fun. With a little practice you can be playing the hits you love just like on the radio. Amaze your family and friends, join a band, have fun, and ROCK ON!

In this two-hour DVD I break down and explain in our easy to digest format the all time classic song HEY JOE. YOU CAN DO IT! Along with the song lessons you also get special bonus full on technique lessons. So you not only get to learn all the parts of the song, but you also get full on guitar technique lessons explaining the necessary techniques to play the song. You can then take the techniques you learn and blast them across all your playing. And when we say “full song lesson” we mean it – we teach ALL the song parts – intro, verses, rhythms, timing, strumming and strum patterns, embellishments, licks, full guitar solo, and more.

The song is broken down and explained and demonstrated at slow speed and regular speed. We break each section into digestible parts and will get you playing and rocking out in the fastest and most efficient manner. If you are familiar with our teaching methods you know that we take songs sections one at a time and break them down into smaller sections, explaining every piece as we go along. Then we show you how to tie everything together. We also have on screen text, multiple camera angles, picture-in-picture, and close ups of the neck and fret hand to make the learning process even easier and more fun.

Keep in mind that this DVD is way more than just a song lesson. We help teach guitar by using popular songs as vehicles to get your playing to the next level. Below is the complete DVD menu and synopsis of all the lessons on this DVD – feel free to email us any questions and rock on!.

DVD introduction – In this short introduction David discusses the format for the coming lessons and how to piece the song together in the fastest and most efficient manner. He also talks about the gear and tuning used in the DVD and how he gets the needed tones.

Guitar intro – The song intro is broken down into digestible pieces lick by lick. You get multi camera angles with the intro and all licks played at regular speed and slow speeds. Camera is then zoomed in on tight shot and David breaks down each lick and explains what notes and frets to play. You see it all up close with a tight shot of the neck. It’s all explained in digestible pieces as per our easy and fast teaching methodology. All along David gives other tips and tricks to make your lead playing easier.

Chords – Here David takes you in on a very tight shot on the neck and goes over each chord that you will need to play in the song. You will also see the chord names flash on the screen in text. David gives you some different chordal options and fingerings and he also shows the “thumb over the top” chordal bar method as well.

Main rhythm – Here you will learn the main rhythm to the song. This is the progression played in the verses and under the guitar solo. David takes you through the progression, the timing, and all chords and strum patterns. You will learn various strum patterns, embellishments, and muting techniques and how to mix them up to build tension in the song. David breaks everything down at slow and regular speeds.

Licks and solo - This menu is broken into two parts, LICKS and GUITAR SOLO. In the licks section David takes you through the licks played at the end of the verses and the chromatic lick at the end of the guitar solo. Each lick is broken down and played at slow and regular speeds as well as demonstrated and explained with a tight shot of the neck. In the guitar solo section David takes you through the entire guitar solo. He breaks the solo down and explains each section lick by lick at regular and slow speeds. He talks about what scale the lead is mainly taken from, what fingerings work best for fluidity, and how to piece the entire solo together – you will learn it all up close and personal – every bend, every double-stop, and every lick broken down and played at regular and slow speeds!

Technique lessons – this section of the DVD is broken down into four separate technique lessons. These four lessons will help you understand the techniques and concepts that are used in Hey Joe. David goes deep into the below techniques and explains them in depth and with up close shots tight on the neck. With these technique lessons he goes over fingerings, theory, positioning, scales, string muting, tone, and much more.

1. Intro to the blues scale – in this lesson David takes you through the basic blues scale. He bases the lesson off the minor pentatonic scale, which he demonstrates and breaks down into digestible pieces. He plays the scales at slow and faster speeds and text is flashed across the screen to make the learning process even easier. David then teaches how to make a blues scale, what makes it a blues scale, and how to use it. You get a nice tight shot of the neck so you see everything up close. David then demonstrates some licks utilizing this scale and shows you how to add color by using the “blue” note.

2. String bending – in this technique lesson you will learn the proper techniques to bend strings properly. String bending is one of the most expressive things you can do on the guitar and you will really want to get good at these techniques. David teaches the importance of bending in pitch and the concept of bending to a “target note”. He goes over some of the most common mistakes made when attempting string bending. David also teaches the importance of proper fingering and proper positioning when bending strings. He also teaches you a great practice technique to get your bends dialed in perfectly.

3. Vibrato technique – in this lesson David teaches vibrato technique. Along with string bending, vibrato can be not just one of the most expressive aspects to lead guitar, but also can be your signature. David teaches how to make your vibrato sound even and smooth utilizing good technique and finger positioning. He talks about using other fingers for leverage and strength and how to start taking notes and doing musical things with them – working the notes and going for it. David also goes over some common mistakes made when implementing vibrato.

4. String muting technique – in this lesson David teaches the proper technique for muting strings to totally clean up your playing. What you ultimately want to do is to mute out ALL the notes that you are NOT playing. David will teach you how to do that in this lesson. SO many guitarists have so much excess noise, string pops and really need to clean up their sound. David demonstrates the technique and you get two camera angles for close up shots on the guitar. This string muting technique is something you will want to excel at to totally clean up your playing as you will most definitely be inadvertently hitting other strings while you play – with this technique you will eventually automatically mute out all the notes except the ones you want to ring out.

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