La Grange
  By ZZ Top         

Hello Good People – David Taub here from Next Level Guitar. Tim and I are really stoked to bring our unique teaching techniques to you in Full Screen DVD format. We break down popular songs and make them simple and fun. With a little practice you can be playing the hits you love just like on the radio. Amaze your family and friends, join a band, have fun, and ROCK ON!

In this two-hour DVD I break down and explain in our easy to digest format the classic blues rocker LA GRANGE by ZZ TOP. And man there is a lot of fantastic Texas blues guitar in this song! This is the full on song lesson and when we say “full song lesson” we mean it. We teach ALL the song parts – intro, verses, rhythms, timing, strumming, embellishments, licks, interlude, full guitar solos, and more. This is a feast for the lead guitar player as you will learn both guitar solos – all the soulful bends, strong vibrato, hammer-ons, pull-offs, artificial harmonics, and double stops. You will also learn what scales are used in the solos so you can also practice and improvise on your own. You also will learn how to give your music a real swing blues feel by playing on the upbeats. You learn plenty more guitar techniques in this DVD so then you can blast them all across all your playing and practicing.

The song is broken down and explained and demonstrated at slow speed and regular speed. We break each section into digestible parts and we get you playing and rocking out in the fastest and most efficient manner. If you are familiar with our teaching methods you know that we take songs sections one at a time and break them down into smaller sections, explaining every piece as we go along. Then we show you how to tie everything together. We also have on screen text, multiple camera angles, picture-in-picture, and close ups of the picking AND fret hands to make the learning process even easier.

Keep in mind that this DVD is way more than just a song lesson. We help teach guitar by using popular songs as vehicles to get your playing to the next level. Below is the complete DVD menu and synopsis of all the lessons on this DVD – feel free to email us any questions and rock on!
-David Taub

DVD Introduction – In the DVD Introduction David discusses the format for the coming lessons, the structure of the song, and how to piece the song together in the fastest and most efficient manner. David discusses all the rhythms you will be learning for the song and the techniques needed to cop the feel of the song. David teaches the needed timing by accenting the upbeats and playing the song with a shuffle feel. He discusses the gear and tuning used in the DVD and how he gets the needed tones as far as guitar and pickup choices, guitar settings, amps, and effects. He discusses pickup and amp settings as well as different gain/distortion levels and effects and effect levels used in the DVD as well as on the CD. David also teaches the different channels you will need to get the different tones needed in the song. He goes over how to get a good tone as far as bass, mids, and treble settings to get you in the ballpark for that ZZ top sound.

Rhythms – This menu is further broken down into four submenus. You will learn four different rhythms needed to play the song. David goes over all the chords, timing, finger picking, and fret-hand work needed to cop the feel of the song. You will get close up of both hands so you can see all the technique on the finger-picking and fret-hand work up close and personal. David also teaches playing on the off beats to give the song a real swing boogie feel. Each rhythm is broken down and played at both regular and slow speeds. David concentrates on teaching the fret hand, finger picking, and pick hand techniques that make this song so cool. On screen text ties it all together and makes learning even easier. You also get up close shots of all the chords and also picture-in-picture for two distinct camera angles so you really can see everything up close and personal. David also teaches techniques like string muting, killing chords, adding distortion and multiple channel work. These techniques can be blasted across all your playing!

Interlude - In this section David will teach you how to hybrid pick to cop the feel needed in the interlude. He goes over the hybrid picking technique in detail as it is such a cool technique that you can blast across your playing in other scenarios. You get close up camera shots of both the pick hand and fret hand as David breaks down all parts and plays them at slow and regular speeds. You will also learn where the interlude fits in the song and how to get in and out of it cleanly.

Guitar Solos – In these two sections you will learn both guitar solos and the rhythms played under the solos. David goes over in easily understandable pieces every lick played in both solos. Each lick is broken down and played at slow and regular speeds as well as demonstrated and explained with a tight shot of the neck. David also discusses the theory behind the solos and what scales and modes the leads are mainly taken from. He also teaches what you can play over the chords if you want to improvise a solo when playing with your band or friends – so you can trade off licks and leads and know what will sound great over the La Grange chord changes. David also teaches what fingerings work best for fluidity, and how to piece the entire solo together – you will learn it all up close and personal – every bend, every hammer-on, pull-off, vibrato, artificial harmonic, as well as every lick is broken down and played at slow speeds! The solos are so tasty and bluesy you will really enjoy learning what makes them so hip. These solos are a real feast for the lead guitar player as they incorporate so many cool aspects of lead guitar - the soulful bends, strong vibrato, hammer-ons, pull-offs, artificial harmonics, and double stops. All along David gives other tips and tricks to make your playing easier.

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