Dust in the Wind
by Kansas  

Hello Good People – David Taub here from Next Level Guitar. Tim and I are really stoked to bring our unique teaching techniques to you in Full Screen DVD format. We break down popular songs and make them simple and fun. With a little practice you can be playing the hits you love just like on the radio. Amaze your family and friends, join a band, have fun, and ROCK ON!

In this two-hour DVD we break down and explain in our easy to digest format one of the all time classic songs DUST IN THE WIND by KANSAS. Along with the full on song lessons you also get full on technique lessons, so you learn exactly how to play the song to cop the proper feel. So you not only get to learn all the parts of the song, but you also get full on guitar technique lessons explaining the necessary techniques to play the song. You can then take the techniques you learn and blast them across all your playing. And when we say “full song lesson” we mean it – we teach ALL the song parts – intros, verses, rhythms, finger picking patterns, solos, and more .

The song is broken down and explained and demonstrated at slow speed and regular speed. We break this song into easily digestible sections to get you playing and rocking the song out in the fastest and most efficient manner. If you are familiar with our teaching methods you know that we take songs sections one at a time and break them down into smaller sections, explaining every piece as we go along. Then we show you how to tie everything together. We also have on screen text, multiple camera angles, picture in picture multiple camera shots, chord library, and close ups of the neck and fret hand to make the learning process even easier and more fun.

With this DVD you also get some special BONUS ITEMS. We transcribed the entire violin solo for guitar – so you will learn how to play the violin part on your guitar. It’s a great solo and so fun to play on guitar, you will love it. We also include a bonus lead guitar lesson that will teach you how to solo over chord independently. If you have not tried this as yet it will really take your playing to the next level. You will also get a written lesson and audio jam track that coincides with the video lesson. So you have all the bases covered – violin solo, bonus video lesson, the written lesson spelling out all the chord diagrams and arpeggios, and the audio jam track. These items will give you a practice tools you can practice and apply the techniques and principles that you learn in the lead lesson. The lead lesson touches on minor and major pentatonic scales, the modes of the major scale, arpeggios, chord construction, modal theory, soloing independently over chords, and much more – it is absolutely packed. Combined with the violin solo, written lesson, and jam track you are getting a SUPER BONUS that will get you fired up about lead guitar and improvisation.

Keep in mind that this DVD is way more than just a song lesson. We help teach guitar by using popular songs as vehicles to get your playing to the next level. Below is the complete DVD menu and synopsis of all the lessons on this DVD – feel free to email us any questions and rock on!
-David Taub

DVD Introduction – in this short introduction David discusses the format for the coming lessons and the methodology to utilize to piece the song together in the fastest and most efficient manner. He also goes over the needed performance notes for the song. David discusses how we will teach you to cop the feel of the song by utilizing finger picking and proper chord fingering and picking patterns. David goes over the tuning and also introduces a special guest instructor who is classically trained in finger picking.

Chord Library – in the chord library we take you through the chords you need to know to play the song. We also discuss the proper way to finger the chords to get the proper feel of the song and for fluidity. You get up close camera shots of the fret hand chord fingerings and on screen text ties it all together. We take you in on a very tight shot on the neck so you can see all the chords up close and personal. You will also see the chord names and fret numbers flash on the screen. This added text makes learning even more fun and easy.

Guitar Intro & Verses – this menu is broken into two sub-menus:

1. Guitar Intro - here the guitar intro is broken down into digestible pieces chord-by-chord and played at slow and regular speeds. You get multi camera angles and two-camera picture in picture action. The camera is then zoomed in on tight shot of the pick hand as we go over the finger picking patterns in detail. Getting the finger picking patterns correct is an integral part of the song so we go over all the patterns and which fingers to use on what strings in great detail. We discuss what fingers to place on what strings and how to cop the feel of the song. Chord names flash in text on the screen to make the journey even easier. It’s all explained in digestible pieces as per our easy and fast teaching methodology. All along we give other tips and tricks to make your playing and finger picking easier and as fluid as possible.

2. Verses – here you will learn the verse rhythms for the song. We take you through the progression, chords and tight shots on the pick hand for all the finger picking patterns. Everything gets broken down and played at slow and regular speeds and you see all the chords written in on screen text.

Chorus – in this section you will learn to play the chorus section of the song. Much like in the above intro and verse sections we go over all the parts at slow and regular speeds and have tight shots on the pick hand for detailed description of the finger picking. We continue with the two-camera picture in picture so you get a big close up on the fret hand for all the finger picking. On screen text pulls it all together.

Interlude & Violin solo – this menu is broken into two sub-menus:

1. Interlude – in this section you will learn all the rhythms for the interlude and what rhythms are played under the violin solo, (which you will soon be learning on guitar). Same format with all the chords explained in depth, two-camera picture in picture, close up shots of the neck and on screen text.

2. Violin Solo – in this section we take the violin solo and transcribe it for guitar. It is a great solo and you will learn all the parts, every note and lick, so you can play it on guitar. It is such a fun solo to play and you will be mastering it with just a small amount of practice. Tight shots on the neck give you a birds’ eye view of all the notes and licks. Each lick is broken down and played at slow and regular speeds as well as demonstrated and explained with a tight shot of the neck. We also discuss the theory behind the solo and what scale the solo is taken from. We also teach what fingerings work best for fluidity, and how to piece the entire solo together – you will learn it all up close and personal and be ripping it up in no time.

Song Outro & Bonus Lead Guitar Lesson – this menu is broken into two sub-menus:

1. Song Outro – in this section you will learn the song outro. Same format as above with every chord and note explained in detail and on screen text to tie it all together. With the completion of this section you will know the entire song – every chord, rhythm, solo, finger picked note, and riff!

2. Bonus Lead Guitar Lesson – this is a special bonus lead guitar lesson that comes with additional features. When you purchase this DVD you will be emailed a written lesson that coincides with this video lesson. The written lesson will have all the chords diagrammed out for this lesson as well as arpeggio shapes that David goes over in the lesson and a list of some scales, modes, and arpeggios to try over each chord. You will also get emailed from us an audio jam track of the progression so you have an invaluable tool to practice all that you are learning in this bonus lesson. Jam tracks are an invaluable tool for the guitarist to practice and apply their lead playing and improvisation. This is a very in depth video lesson on some lead guitar techniques that you can try that will get your playing to the next level. David goes over a four-chord progression and teaches how to treat each chord as a separate event and solo over each chord independently. He discusses what works over each chord and why as well as has it all white boarded out so you can see it broken down. On screen text helps tie it all together. David discusses minor and major pentatonic scales, major scales, the modes of the major scale, arpeggios, and much more. Get ready to get into the wood shed and start ripping it up!

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