Hi - David Taub here from Next Level Guitar to announce that we now have available the next of our instructional series of DVDs. This next set of DVDs picks up right where our last course ended so you can continue your guitar journey with us and move your playing forward to the next level in the fastest and most efficient manner. It doesnít matter if you play acoustic or electric as these lessons are designed to work with either as I use both throughout the lessons. No matter what genre of music you play, we guarantee that these lessons will move your playing to the next level fast.

This is a four DVD set with over eight hours of instructional materials as each DVD is two hours of jam packed lessons and guitar fun. With this DVD course you can watch the lessons on your large sized TV screen and not be chained to the computer or held back by slow internet connections.

These lessons include on-screen text and close up camera angles of the fret and pick hands to help you to see and understand concepts and techniques faster. With this DVD course we are also include a booklet of written lessons that coincide with the DVD lessons. Having written reference materials allows you to see and study many of the concepts, theory, fingerings, chord charts, and much more on paper. This is an invaluable tool to enhance your learning experience and get your playing to the next level. With these written lessons you get a guitar reference library that can be easily thumbed through when practicing and referred to when watching the DVDs.

I donít use the past old school methods that have frustrated students trying to learn guitar for years. I utilize the same teaching style and methodology that people all over the world have learned from my lessons. This is the same methodology as on all my instructional DVDs as well as what you may have seen on youtube or on our website at www.nextlevelguitar.com

If you are familiar with my methods then you know how important it is to have structured plan as you continue to climb the guitar staircase. I lay out the structure over the four DVDs and teach you exactly what to practice Ė so you continue to practice the right things. Many other methods leave out this structure and students end up frustrated and spinning their wheels. Remember, you just canít be practicing anything, you have to practice the RIGHT THINGS. I provide you with structured practice routines that will maximize your practice time and get your playing to the next level fast. I also tie all concepts together and then apply them on the guitar so you continue to climb the musical staircase. My instructional materials are not disjointed or fragmented, but rather tied together in a way that is easy to understand, apply, and will keep you moving forward to THE NEXT LEVEL and get you rocking out fast.


  1. Strumming – this section of the DVD is broken into three separate strumming and rhythm lessons, “strum patterns”, “arpeggiate & strum”, and “strum & embellish with rhythm & melody”. Strumming, strum patterns, and rhythm and timing are probably some of the most challenging aspects of guitar learning. In this DVD I continue to teach you about rhythm and meter while teaching you new strum patterns. You will learn many new strum patterns as well as learning how to combine arpeggiating and strumming while keeping in time. You will also learn how to spice up your playing by embellishing chords to add rhythm and melody. You will learn techniques on how to use suspended chords, add chords, and major 7th chords to add richness and interest to your playing. You will also get practice progressions that will teach you how to use and then apply these techniques to your playing and songs. These exercises also continue to build that good right and left hand separation so you can be strumming away with one hand and peppering in chords with the other – gaining total independence over both hands. You also get all the chords diagrammed out for you in the written lessons booklet. So if you are unsure of a certain chord you can easily find it and be playing it in no time.

  2. Learn Notes – this section of the DVD is broken into two lessons, “learn the notes on the neck”, and “note finding exercises & practice”. In these lessons you will learn the 12-note scale and how it applies to the guitar neck. Knowing the notes on the neck is absolutely critical and here you will learn them in a fun and fast manner. Here we will build a solid foundation in this lesson for future lessons on theory. You also get exercises to learn the notes on the neck cold. Knowing the notes opens so many doors for you in your guitar journey and will make things easier as you move your playing forward. I also discuss the importance of not relying too much on tablature, but rather taking the extra time to learn the notes on the neck. I also add in a little music theory on the major scale and on relative majors and minors to help tie things together. You also get a fretboard diagram and circle of 5ths diagram in the written lessons booklet that I refer to in this lesson – these written lessons are awesome tools to study and refer to along your guitar journey

  3. Bar Chords – this section of the DVD is broken into three lessons, “bar chord review”, “bar chord playing techniques made easy”, and “bar chord changing techniques”. As a guitarist it is so critical that you keep expanding your chordal knowledge and chord vocabulary. You want to continue to learn new chords and apply them on the guitar. In one lesson we will do a review of some of the most common bar chords off the 5th and 6th string roots. You get up close shots of the neck so you see all the fingerings up close. Plus we add on-screen text to make learning even easier. Bar chords can be very challenging - but keep at it following our structured plan and following these lessons and you will get them fast. The bar chord lessons continue with the teaching of proper techniques to change from open chords to bar chords. Open chords to bar chord changes will be the most challenging changes you will come across at this point in your guitar journey. The techniques you will learn in these lessons will make bar chord changes easier and less challenging. You get to see all the techniques with an up close shot of the neck and fret hand, on screen text, and you also get many practice changes, progressions, and exercises to work on and add to your practice regimens. Also included in the written lesson booklet is diagrams and chord charts of the bar chords that I teach as well as written explanations on fingerings – great study materials!

  4. Practice Exercises – this DVD concentrates on bar chords but we also want to keep you moving forward with open chords and open chord changing exercises. In this practice exercise you get a long progression utilizing many open major and minor chords as well as dominant 7th chords, major 7th chords and add and suspended chords. These long progression practice exercises really push your playing to the next level. The exercises work on your chord changing, rhythm, timing, and strumming. After getting proficient at these long strings of changes you will have no problems playing songs with a few chords in them. Like we always say here at next level guitar – “master the hard things on guitar, and the easy things will be like butter”. Included written lessons have all chords diagrammed out for easy access.


  1. Ear Training – this section of the DVD is broken down into two ear training exercises, “ear training I” and “ear training II”. I say it often, but it is so important as a musician to develop your ear to its full potential. A good ear will allow you to pick off strums, rhythms, and chords just by listening. If you have a developed ear you can figure out strums, progressions, and songs on your own – who needs complicated tabs and sheet music. We want to try and wean you off written strum patterns and to start playing more by rhythmic feel and by using your ear, and these exercises will help get you there. Let your ear guide you as you try and figure out the strums and chords that I will be playing. We will train you to think rhythmically - and say the rhythm out loud - if you can say it you can play it! The principles and techniques that I teach you here will really open the doors and pathways when playing with other people – its invaluable as you can eventually get to the point where you can pick off songs just by listening and figuring out the chords solely by ear. I feel developing you ear is one of the most important things you can do as a musician. You will learn how to listen for the “color” of chords as you learn what to listen for when you hear a certain chord and how to tune you ear into the differences between chords. I also have ear training practice regimens where I will test you on these principles and teach you how to go about developing your ear – its CRITICAL to get that ear developed and you continue to learn how in this DVD series.

  2. Practice – this section of the DVD is broken into three lessons, “long progression with suspended and add chords”, “practice exercises with 5ths, power chords, and bar chords”, and “bar chord long progression exercises”. In these lessons I continue with structured practice routines to help you learn, apply, and get proficient at chord changing. We will work with open chord long progressions as well as bar chord progressions. I will set you up with practice routines to get you playing these chords in the most efficient manner moving these chords around on the neck. You will also learn how to mute out the notes that you don’t want ringing out so your chords ring true and sound killer. I continually focus on technique to ensure that the chords you are playing ring true and that you are muting out all the notes that you are not playing. You want to get comfortable leaving your fret hand in the same "shape" while moving it around on the neck. This is such a critical concept for all guitarists to master, as you will find yourself playing these chords so often. The exercises get more challenging as you move forward and I push you a bit to play the more complex ones – but you can do it! These exercises will get you really proficient at changing bar chords.

  3. Metronome – this section of the DVD is broken down into three metronome lessons, “introduction to the metronome”, “beats per minute with metronome practice”, and “more metronome exercises”. In these lessons you will learn all about a must have practice tool - the metronome. It is a killer device to help you get your rhythm and timing skills rock solid. You may have noticed that during your guitar journey as you have been practicing you may be speeding up while you are strumming and playing rhythms. This is a common mistake that happens to most players. The metronome keeps a rock solid beat that will incorporate solid rhythm and timing into your playing. Just by playing along with the metronome your rhythm and timing skills will consistently improve. In the intro lesson I discuss the various types of metronomes and I get you started using the metronome by playing various chord changes with a slow quarter notes. You will want to use the metronome when you are practicing your chord changes and progressions and I will teach you how to incorporate it into your practice regimens. Then in the next lesson you will learn some killer practice exercises using the metronome while working quarter, eighth, and sixteenth notes. I break it all down and explain the exercises at slow and faster tempos.  Then you will learn how to play strum patterns and more complex rhythms with the metronome – it will take your playing to the next level fast.

  4. Guitar Strings – this lesson is all about guitar strings - the types, brands, gauges, acoustic strings, electric strings – it’s all about the strings. I will teach you how strings are divided into different gauges and what to look for when purchasing guitar strings. You will also learn how your strings affect tone and playability on your guitar. I also discuss the variables to determine how often you will want to change your strings and how new strings sound and why its important to change your strings on a regular basis. Learn how often to change strings, can I buy just one string or a whole pack, how to know what string gauge you have on your guitar, what to do after breaking a string, what is a guitar set-up, difference in tone between old and new strings, and the importance of having a backup set of strings.


  1. Chucking – in this lesson we take several techniques that you have been learning and combine them for a truly magnificent sound. I will teach you how to utilize bar chord chucking and open chord chucking together. You will also learn some real nice progressions and strum patterns to practice these techniques to get proficient with them. This lesson will really get you practicing both open chord chucking and bar chord chucking and loving the new sounds and textures that you will now be able to create with these techniques.

  2. Practice – this section of the DVD is broken into two lessons, “long progression opens to bars practice”, and “long progression bars to bars practice”. In these lessons you get more long progression practice routines. These lessons will concentrate on getting you proficient at more and more complex changes and progression using bar chords and open chords. I want to continue pushing you on the guitar to playing more complex progressions and routines, as this is how you will get better with our program. These exercises will continue to get you proficient at changing bar chords.

  3. Progressions - this section of the DVD is broken into two lessons, “jazzy progression I”, and “jazzy progression II”. As you continue your guitar journey you will want to learn different rhythms and progressions from different genres of music. In these lessons you will learn some common jazzy progressions and practice moving them around the neck. I will also continue to build on your music theory and key signature knowledge and you will also learn the difference between a major 7th chord and a 7th chord. You get up close camera angles, on-screen text, and tight shots of the neck for all the chords in this lesson. I also go into the theory behind the chords as a little theory goes a long way. I also discuss importance of knowing a lot of chords as well as ways for you to embellish them.

  4. 12 Bar Blues – in this lesson you will learn all about the 12 bar blues. The patterns that you will learn in this lesson are absolutely critical as you continue your musical journey. I white board out the patterns and progression and explain all about the concepts of measures and bars and how to play in a repeating 12-bar pattern. You will also learn all about I-IV-V patterns as I utilize them in musical examples to solidify the lesson. You will also learn how to find the I chord, IV chord, and V chord in any given key using a cool little "I-IV-V finder". I will also teach you how to embellish the chords and introduce the concepts of shuffle rhythms and turnarounds. You will also learn a little bit of theory so it all makes sense as the theory will continually makes things easier to understand as you continue your guitar journey.

  5. Get Better on Guitar – in this lesson I give tips and suggestions on how to get continually get better and advance on guitar - how to continually move your playing to the next level. Here I discuss the importance of practicing the right things, properly utilizing practice regimens, and setting obtainable guitar goals. I also talk about pushing yourself to the next level by taking on challenging pieces of music and challenging techniques and mixing that in with your other practice items. Other topics discussed include playing with other people, making it happen, auditions, playing in front of people, the importance of music theory, how to stay motivated and empowered, and much more.


  1. Progression – in this lesson we will continue working on your rhythm and chord changing skills. Here you will learn a longer jazzy progression in the key of B minor. The progression will have some new chords and some new strums to learn so you can really use this lesson to practice your rhythm, timing, and strumming as well as to keep increasing your chordal vocabulary. It is so important to continue to further your rhythm and timing skills as well as to keep learning and practicing new chords – and this lesson teaches you how to do just that. This is also a great exercise to practice changing your bar chords and moving freely around the neck. You will see all chords up close and personal with a tight shot of the neck and well as the on screen text will tie it all together. Included is a written lesson so you can see and study it all on paper.

  2. Scales Defined – this lesson is all about scales - what they are and why they are important. Here I make music theory easy and fun as I apply it on the guitar. In this lesson I define what scales are as I demonstrate them on the guitar. Scales are the building blocks for lead guitar and song writing so it’s important that you understand how they will fit in your musical journey. You will also learn more about the major scale and other scales as I play them in various keys all over the guitar neck.

  3. Reggae/Ska Rhythms – in this lesson you will learn how to play with a reggae/ska feel. Here I will teach you the needed techniques to get the reggae sound. You will learn all about muted percussive attacks, killing chords, upstroking, and chucking. You will also learn a bunch of progressions and strums that cop the reggae and ska feel. You will learn all about timing and playing and accenting different beats, which is critical in this style of play. I teach it all at both slow and regular speeds as well as I count out the beats to get you playing these rhythms fast. You also get all the strum patterns written out in on-screen text as they are demonstrated. You will also learn how to accent different beats and how to make embellishments and create different percussive elements to create this killer style of play. I also go over the gear, effects, and pickups for getting a good reggae and ska tone.

  4. Bar Chord Technique – In these lessons you will learn the proper techniques to play a 6 th string root major bar chord and a 5 th string root minor bar chord – just to start. Technique is absolutely critical when playing bar chords and I spend a lot of time going over the proper techniques that you will need to know to make these bar chords possible. I use open chords that you already are familiar with to get you playing these bar chords fast. You can do it and I will get you there good people!

  5. Palm Muting – this lesson is all about the technique of palm muting. Palm muting is used in many musical genres and here it is discussed more in the punk rock vein. You will learn the needed techniques with up close shots of the pick hand so you see all the action and technique up close and personal. I demonstrate the muting while mainly using power and 5th chords and various progressions. You will want to get proficient at this technique as it produces such cool sounds you will find yourself utilizing it all the time and I will get you playing it fast, fun, and easy.

  6. Amps & Tone – this section of the DVD is broken into two lessons, “how to choose an amp”, and “tone is in your hands and in your heart”. In the amp lesson you will learn all about amps and amp choices. There are so many amp models on the market it can be overwhelming when purchasing an amp and I want to help you to feel comfortable and knowledgeable when looking at all the amp choices. I discuss in depth how to go about choosing the right amp for your given playing scenario. I discuss topics like amp application, budget, tube amps verses solid-state amps, portability, amp features, amp effects, and much more. You will also learn how to funnel the number of amp choices down so you can make a well informed decision and not only get your moneys worth but be happy with your final choice. In the tone lesson I discuss how your tone truly depends on what is in your hands and your heart. I also suggest ways to develop your own style. We are all products of our influences and in this lesson I suggest how to become an amalgamate of all the players you like, but with your own spin and your own tone.

  7. Songwriting – this section of the DVD is broken into two lessons, “songwriting – chords in minor key”, and “songwriting – strong chords in major key”. Here you will learn all about the minor scales as I whiteboard them out and explain in detail how the notes and chords are related to the scale tones. This lesson builds on the foundation for the included written lessons on chord construction and songwriting in major key and minor key. Also included in the written lesson are two songwriting charts with chords listed out for each key in major and minor. You will learn how to build a minor scale in any key and what the interval structure of the scale is and how it’s constructed. I explain the techniques and formulas in bite sized digestible pieces. Then we will tie all these principles and theory together and learn about what chords make up what key and why. I will teach you all about songwriting in minor key all the while applying it to the guitar. Get ready to open the creative pathways and continue to write your own songs and progressions.  In the major key lesson I will teach you what chords in a given key sound good placed next to each other and why. This lesson will also help you when figuring out songs on your own by ear.  Here you will learn all about dominant and sub-dominant chords and why they are so important.  I also continue discussion all about the major scale and relate the chordal intervals back to this scale. You will learn in this lesson which chords in a given major key are the strongest, which have resolution to each other and why it works. Start writing your own songs!