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4. More than Words DVD SONG
5. Last Kiss DVD SONG
6. Sweet Home Alabama DVD SONG
7. Dust in the Wind DVD SONG
8. Detroit Rock City DVD SONG
9. You Really Got Me DVD SONG
10. Carry On Wayward Son DVD SONG
11. Hit Me With Your Best Shot DVD SONG
12. One Bourbon One Shot One Beer DVD SONG
13. Twist and Shout DVD SONG
14. La Grange DVD SONG
15. Living after Midnight DVD SONG
16. Beginner Blues Rhythm Guitar DVD SONG
17. Smoke On The Water DVD SONG
18. Free Bird DVD SONG
19. The Sky Is Crying DVD SONG
20. You Shook Me DVD SONG
21. Barracuda DVD SONG
22. Black Magic Woman DVD SONG
23. House of the Rising Sun DVD SONG
24. Simple Man DVD SONG
25. Gimme Three Steps DVD SONG
26. More than a feeling DVD SONG

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Do You Know Why Thousands Quit
Playing the Guitar Before They've Had a Chance to
Easily Strum Their Favorite Song?

You'll soon say, "I can do this!" when you follow
my simple plan and avoid the secret pitfalls
that other guitar teachers won't admit to you . . .

Hello Good People!

It bums me out.  I hear it over and over . . .

"Playing the guitar seems hard.  I'm not sure I have what it takes."

"I'm already too busy – how in the world can I find the time to get really good? I'd love to learn the guitar, but I don't think I have any rhythm."

"I learned a few things, but I've hit a plateau and I'm losing interest.  What now?"

STOP already!!  Where do people get these ideas that playing the guitar is hard?!  

Hi, I'm David Taub.  Look, before we go any further, let's get one thing straight.  If you have ever tried the guitar and felt discouraged, I have one thing to tell you:

It's not your fault!  (I'll tell you why in a minute.)

And if you learn nothing else from this web page, remember this:


I'm not just saying that to make you feel good.  It's the absolute truth. I’ll prove it to you right here on this page.

And by the way, if you already have some experience playing guitar, the news is even better because I can get you to the next level more quickly than you ever thought possible.

       Out of the hundreds of people I have taught personally, and among the thousands who use my special training online, I have never met a single person who was not able to play the guitar within a very short amount of time -- and play it well, often beyond their own expectations.

       That's because I have developed a carefully orchestrated, step-by-step method of learning the guitar that shatters any previous ideas you may have about learning this amazing instrument.

       But don't be fooled by the simplicity of my method.  You can use my one-of-a-kind training to achieve whatever musical goal you may have. 

       Whether you want to rip solos on stage in front of a sweaty pit of adoring fans (my favorite choice), or simply sit on your front porch and feel the magical wonderment of creating beautiful music with your own hands, my method will get you there – and get you there FAST.

       How would you like to quickly:

      Play guitar like Green Day, Nirvana, the Eagles, the Beatles, Eric Clapton and more?

        Rip blistering solos like Slash from Guns N' Roses?

        Create unique sounds like Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughan?

              If you can give me just 10 minutes per day, then I will have you playing your favorite songs sooner than you thought possible.

I love watching the videos at because they are in bite sized small amounts. The lessons average out at about 5 - 10 minutes each and it is just enough to get me into it and want to practice it straight away.

Also, David usually shares some story about the subject that he is teaching and it makes me feel like I am having a private lesson with his full attention. I love most of all the encouragement and enthusiasm that is in the lessons because he continues to affirm to me that 'you can do it!' and sooner or later it really sinks in!

Anyone can pick up the guitar and learn with these lessons. I cannot watch a video lesson and not pick up the guitar and practice imeditately! The benefits I have had are improved confidence in playing and especially in rhythm which was the part I was most lacking in.

I have also broadened my horizons in my own songwriting because I am constantly getting good ideas from the lessons that I can implement into songs and play with different ideas, techniques and rhythms. So it is a massive play box full of ideas waiting to be written. I love the time, dedication and energy that has been put into these videos by David and Tim, it shows real love and passion for the art of playing. It takes a lot to be a good teacher and David really has all the ingredients of fun, simplicity, clarity and enthusiasm.

Maria Contreras, Quillota, Chile

First off thanks for the awesome website at Rock on! So far the videos have helped every aspect of my playing. I have been playing guitar for about two years and I've been stuck at basic open chords and the same lame scale and I've had a hard time finding songs that would help me improve and take my playing to the next level.

Your site has changed all of that. It’s like having a personal guitar teacher, but without the stress of feeling like you have to impress. Not to mention the amazing info you guys have on amps, effects, and all kinds of other gear. I'm really looking forward to seeing more videos as I'm just stoked to be learning new chords and I look forward to some solo action and more theory. I'm approaching lesson 80 and loving every second. I find myself up at 1am saying, "ok, last lesson, then I’m off to bed" – then I end up playing till 3am. Every lesson makes me hungry for more. Thanks again! Rock on!

David, Rochester, NY

Before taking guitar lessons from David Taub, I’d taken private lessons on and off for the last 15 years. I found that I would start out with the best intentions to learn the instrument, but because I was only being taught how to play songs, I never learned much about music or the instrument I was playing. I’d quickly lose interest and hang it up for a while.

But ever since I have been taking lessons from David for the last 10 months, I've improved in my playing and knowledge of the guitar more in the time I've been with David than all my previous years combined. David's methods, clear instructions and accessible approach to the guitar allowed me to quickly learn to play a lot of different songs. He has that rare talent as a teacher to foster the momentum of learning so that playing and practicing the guitar never grows boring or gets discouraging. It's always fun. That’s what it’s all about, right?"

Megan Jaffe, Encinitas, Calif.

“Amazing what can be accomplished . . .”

"In a very short time David has turned my playing around in a very unexpected way.  Not only am I fluid with chord structure but now I am soloing in a variety of modes. For the first time in my life I am comfortable jamming with other players and my soloing has grown by leaps and bounds.  Amazing what can be accomplished in a few short months.”

Rob Amato, La Jolla, Calif.

              Before I tell you exactly how you can go from zero to 60 on the guitar in just 10 minutes per day, let me reveal some common — and critical — pitfalls.

Here Are 4 Crucial Mistakes
Other Guitar Teachers Make That Will Prevent You From Reaching Your Goals

(Don't let these happen to you!  And don't spend one thin dime on any teacher or product unless you're sure they won't make these same mistakes with your time and money.)

    Checkmark graphic Mistake No. 1: You don't have a structured plan.  
Too many beginners are "all over the place."  Learning the guitar is like building a house: if you don't lay the foundation properly, your efforts will be wasted.  My method gives you a proven structure that works for everyone, right from the start, no exceptions.

    Checkmark graphic Mistake No. 2: You hit a wall because you’re told to perform a specific technique without crucial explanations. 
You'd be shocked how many teachers and programs make this mistake!  For example, a teacher might tell you to "play this chord with a chuck" . . . but you haven’t been told what a chuck is, or how to do it!  This is like throwing someone who doesn't know how to swim into the deep end of a pool and telling them, "Okay, now do the backstroke to the other side."  Ain’t gonna happen!

My system leaves no stone unturned.  I’ve spent years honing it into something that is so “paint by numbers” that you simply can’t fail. You're shown how to do everything, in exactly the right sequence, so that you won’t stumble and get discouraged.

     Checkmark graphic Mistake No. 3:  You practice . . . but you practice the wrong things. 

I see this all the time — students, through no fault of their own, spend hours and hours learning a single song without understanding the underlying concepts, which means they have merely become a "one-trick pony."  They can't transfer that knowledge to play other songs.  Okay, great, you learned how to parrot one song.  Congratulations, now what!?  However, when you learn with my method, you're able to take what you learn and instantly blast it across every level of your playing.  

    Checkmark graphic Mistake No. 4:  You overcomplicate the process or think playing the guitar should be difficult.  
Too many students think they have to practice long hours to get any good.  When you practice the right things, in precisely the right way and right order, you'll amaze yourself at how quickly you progress.  I’ll show you exactly how.


       The Truth About Learning Guitar . . .

       Let’s talk about something many instructors won’t admit to you. While learning the guitar does not have to be difficult, it’s not as easy as playing checkers, either. Let’s face it, if it was THAT easy, then everyone would already be shredding solos like Clapton!

       But that’s ultimately what makes the guitar so rewarding. Look, the biggest reason people quit the guitar is because they don’t see progress or they don’t find it fun. And I’m here to tell you that when you find a teacher who makes it truly enjoyable, then your success isn’t just likely – it’s inevitable. You’ll never want to quit because you’re simply having too much fun.

"Your lessons have helped fill in gaps and holes in my knowledge and is now helping me take my playing to a whole new level.  That is so exciting...I had resolved to just being an okay guitar player that just fools around in the privacy of my home for fun.  You've got me excited about playing guitar again and believing I can be a really good guitarist.  I am playing every day again and I even went to an open mic night (to watch) Tuesday.  Maybe in a few more weeks or so I'll be ready to try my hand at the mic.”

Jeff Javelet, Del Mar, CA

“I feel with David as my teacher over time I will be able to achieve all of my guitar goals and then some!”

"I have tried guitar lessons with other instructors in the past and never felt like I was getting my moneys worth, but with David Taub it’s a whole new ball game! For starters he is not there just to teach you songs, he is there to teach you guitar, and his organized lessons are the building blocks to learning LOTS of songs. I have found that he pays a lot of attention to the details like timing, technique, etc, which ensures that when you leave the lesson you are practicing the right things. I feel with David as my teacher over time I will be able to achieve all of my guitar goals and then some! Thanks again David!"

-Brian W., Carlsbad, Calif.

"I took lessons for over a year and I have learned more from the Next Level Guitar online lessons in just a few days than I did in an entire year. Their method of teaching is so easy to follow. I can play the lessons back and practice right along - and there is no pressure. Its like having a personal instructor right in the room with you, but without the pressure. Plus I can play the lessons at any time day or night in my own home and if I forget something I can just rewind and I dont have to wait a week for another private lesson. The song lesson DVDs are a real bonus also. I am rocking on and loving it! Just so you know I am between 35 and death and I have always wanted to learn to play guitar -and with Next Level Guitar now I am! - so just goes to show you are never too old!!”

-Kate, Canada

"I have been studying David Taub's lessons for over a year.  David is very serious about teaching guitar with a well-organized method of review and expansion with each lesson. His lessons always challenges me technically but not beyond my capabilities and they stress the importance of practice. 
            He does emphasize the fundamentals since they are the building blocks to understanding music and improvising, but not so much that it gets in the way of enjoying the guitar.  His enthusiasm for the guitar and for teaching is contagious and I look forward to each lesson.
          David Taub is an exceptional guitar instructor. My eleven year old daughter, Rachael, has been studying his lessons for several months. Because of David's positive and patient attitude, combined with his skillful teaching talents, he's been able to build Rachel's self-esteem as well as teach her how to ROCK on the guitar, she's very good now!”

-Amber, Oceanside, CA

       Forget the old-school techniques that make you play “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” – with my system you’ll rocket right into playing your favorite songs!

Practice shouldn’t feel like drudgery. It should be FUN.

       And the REAL fun comes from seeing results!

“…a level that I never thought I could attain in such a short amount of time.”

“I had never played guitar prior to taking lessons from David. After the first lesson, guided by his instruction and handouts, I had learned enough to actually begin playing songs. This kept me motivated to continue to practice on my own, making later lessons even more productive. While I know I have a long way to go, David’s continued teaching and support have brought me to a level that I’d never thought I could attain in such a short amount of time.”

Chris P., Solana Beach

       See, once you attain the smallest breakthrough, you’ll be instantly hooked and you’ll start making progress by leaps and bounds.

       Believe me, nothing will get you more stoked (not to mention motivated to practice) than when you get that one “A-ha!” moment and you tell me, “Dude, I finally GET it!! The light bulb went off! Because you broke it down for me, NOW I’m finally strumming properly and it sounds like music instead of me just banging on the guitar. Thank you! You’ve given me the gift of music.”

      Here's How You Can Begin Mastering The Guitar Right Now In Just 10 Minutes Per Day, With Me Practically Right By Your Side.


Introducing The Web’s No. 1 Guitar Education Resource . .

David Taub and Tim Gilberg, co-founders of Next Level Guitar

Tim Gilberg and I have created 26-DVD instructional series that will let you master the guitar step by simple step, with nothing left out.  I’m absolutely convinced this is the single best way to learn guitar, bar none.  This is FIFTEY FULL HOURS of instruction, and of course you can go at your own pace at your own convenience.

“A style and approach that is really easy to learn . . .”


“Seriously, and I can't seem to put my finger on exactly what you are doing that other people aren’t, but you guys have a style and approach that is really easy to learn with. David, you are obviously a very good player but seem to be in touch with what us new players are thinking and feeling. I have bought a couple of DVD's and looked at several lessons online and even had 4 lessons at the music shop, but by far I come away from your 8 minute lessons with more. Great job.”


“My progression on guitar has exceeded further than I thought possible.”

Hi David, thanks so much, you have taught me a lot in the last 8 weeks. I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your time in making these DVD sets and lessons a success. You are really easy to learn from & my progression on guitar has exceeded farther than I thought possible. Once again thank you David & Tim – I am one of your greatest fans!

“Just a note of thanks . . .”

Dear David & Tim,

Just a note of thanks that you've replied to all my e-mails. As a businessman, I can tell you that you've definitely hit on a great opportunity and you're making an impact with what you do. It all boils down to having that one major thing that's not tangible; your personalities.

I've check out the other guitar sites, they are there, but both of you really act as teachers, cheerleaders and on and on. I like it when Tim is in the background asking you questions as the lesson is in session. It may not be professional to a professional, but it makes you feel like you're in the room at that time. Also everything is laid back as far as the approach but you always emphasize that by playing and practicing that music lovers can expand their playing capacity.

And the HUGE rule I have learned is not necessarily learning songs note for note, but LISTENING to a song. Subtract the percussion, the bass line, the vocals and focus on what the guitarist is playing. Tim was right, it's usually 3 or maybe 4 chords. I just ordered the new DVD set.

-Don Haynes

You’ll Get Chills of Excitement When You Discover

That So Many Songs Are Easier to Play Than You Think!

Here’s How That’s Possible . . .

       You might already know that some of the greatest songs of all time are surprisingly simple 3- or 4-chord structures (The Beatles, Green Day, Nirvana, Jimi Hendrix, Lynyrd Skynyrd, the list goes on and on). . . but what you might not realize is that learning those simple songs requires a more complex understanding of what’s behind them. I give you this crucial understanding so that pick up these songs quickly.

       Once you master the necessary skills, in exactly the right order, then you’ll soon be playing any of these songs as easily as you pedal a bicycle down the sidewalk. (You remember how hard that seemed at one time, right?)

       Have you ever noticed how anyone who has mastered the guitar (or anything else for that matter) can make it look so easy? That’s because they have tied together the fundamentals in such a way that seemingly complex skills become as automatic as breathing. You’ll develop that same mastery with us at Next Level Guitar.

A Word of Warning . . .

       Other guitar teaching methods require you to parrot individual concepts without showing you how to tie them all together into something you’ll actually want to PLAY. For example, when I was first starting, I had a teacher who made me learn 30 chord inversions. I memorized them, came back and was able to perform them, but guess what? I never used them again!

       I spare you that wasted time and effort. Every concept you will learn at Next Level Guitar has an immediate, concrete application that becomes an indelible part of your play. You’ll learn something and be able to blast it across your entire playing repertoire. The difference is like handing someone a fish so they can eat for a day, versus teaching someone to fish so they can eat for a lifetime.

The Holy Grail of Guitar Playing: Developing Your Ear

       Here’s something else most methods and instructors won’t (or can’t) teach you: how to develop your ear. With Next Level Guitar, you get the ear training necessary so that you won’t need to read tabulature. How great is that? You’ll be able to hear a song and pick up the chords and strum patterns as easily as if had practiced them already.

       This lets you play music by total feel. Listen, if you rely on written strum patterns, then your music will sound lifeless. That’s why I train you to..

Unlock the Hidden Secrets of Strum Patterns . . .

       I get this type of question all the time . . .
“How come my playing sounds kinda sterile? I’m playing the right notes but it doesn’t really sound like music yet.”

       Answer: It’s because you haven’t learned the vital art of strum patterns. You don’t yet hear the colors of chords.

       While playing the guitar certainly has a mechanical aspect, it is also an art like anything else. And the secret to mastering the “art factor” in playing guitar has everything to do with mastering strum patterns.

       Strum patterns are left out of most instructional methods. There’s no standard nomenclature for a strum pattern. Even music that is written down doesn’t describe strum patterns. But I teach you how to pick up these crucial components naturally, so that they become part of your musical DNA.

       This is CRUCIAL! Why? Because music is much more than just chords and notes. It’s about rhythm and meter. Leaving these out of your guitar education is like leaving yeast out of your cake recipe – your final result will fall flat.

. . . have decided that you are simply the BEST!”

“ My son and I have been watching your videos and have decided that you are simply the BEST! There are a fair amount of folks out there claiming to be able to teach guitar, but they all pale in comparison. You manage to be inspirational, enthusiastic, positive and humorous all while putting forth well-constructed lessons. My son is "pumped" watching your videos and I often find him re-watching them with his guitar before school, after school, and I even have to chase him off the computer to put him to bed. Sometimes, I swear, he sleeps with that thing! Mostly because of you! --- What a positive influence you've been in our lives. Just thought you should know... ”

-Mike and Chris Chylla

"My ten year old daughter, Tara, wanted to start playing the guitar and I researched several guitar teachers and companies that provided guitar lessons. I researched several but wasn’t satisfied with any of them.

When I came across David Taub's website I emailed him some questions and his email reply was very impressive. I could automatically tell he was good at what he does so I decided to interview him. Two of the most important qualities I was looking for in a guitar teacher was patience and the ability to teach a young and completely “green” student. He is patient, fun, and makes Tara feel great about her playing.

David provides her with practice materials for each lesson and is also available should she have any questions. Most importantly, Tara enjoys his teachings and is eager for every lesson. Tara is now playing songs I never thought she could learn and play in such a short period of time. If it wasn’t for David’s way of teaching, she wouldn’t be as far along. 

Thank you David for being such a great teacher!  I would highly recommend David to anyone that wants to learn the guitar”

-Kathy G, Oceanside, CA

How Much is Being Able to Master the Guitar Worth to You?

Here’s the good news. Because I have made it my mission to teach as many people as possible to play the guitar, I am keeping the price on my instructional DVDs extremely low..

For just $199.00, you get all 26 DVDs – that’s almost 50 full hours of instruction that take you from A to Z in learning to master the guitar.

NLG 25 DVDs Set  

Free worldwide Shipping
Region Free DVD's

I don’t have to tell you that private lessons from a top-notch teacher cost anywhere from $50 to $100 per hour. That’s $200 to $400 per month.

That’s still a great deal, if you ask me, because there is nothing as rewarding as learning the guitar, but why pay that much when you don’t have to?

“ I learn more from watching one of your 5-10 min videos than I do during a $17 30-minute guitar lesson, maybe even two lessons. ”

“ Dave- I have watched about half of your videos on youtube thus far and I must say they are second to none on the site. I have been playing for about 2.5 years and have been taking lessons for the past couple months just to get some help as I progress I’m being totally honest when I say that I learn more from watching one of your 5-10 min videos than I do during a $17 30-minute guitar lesson, maybe even two lessons. I have signed up for your site and look forward to the day when is it fully up and running. Keep the lessons coming, I think this is a great thing you guys have going here man. Rock on ”


          Not only will you pay far less, but take a look at the powerful advantages of learning with our DVDs versus paying a private instructor...

      You can pause and rewind any lesson you want as many times as you need to.
      You never have to leave your home.
      You can learn from anywhere in the world when you’re traveling.
      You can learn on YOUR schedule, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Here’s my Totally Risk-Free, No-Worries,
“Rock On” Guarantee

Let me make this easy for you. Just dive in and soak up every lesson on my 8 DVDs for 90 days.   Put them to practice and watch yourself playing guitar and having fun in the shortest amount of time possible.

How cool is that? You’re in control, not us.

So dive right in and soak up the lessons. Put them to practice and watch yourself playing guitar and having fun in the shortest amount of time possible.

Your purchase is unconditionally guaranteed for 90 days, no questions asked. Period.

        Rock on, good people!

        David Taub and Tim Gilberg


P.S. My system has removed all possible obstacles to your success. No more excuses! Join Try the DVDs now, start playing the guitar like you’ve always dreamed, and enjoy my unconditional guarantee.

P.P.S. I can’t guarantee how long I will keep the price this low. Get in now to lock in my lowest lifetime price!

Who are David Taub and Tim Gilberg?

As co-founders of Next Level Guitar, David Taub and Tim Gilberg teamed up in 2006 and quickly became an Internet phenomenon by posting numerous guitar instruction videos online. Because their videos were more fun and effective than anything else available, they quickly developed a rabid following that continues to grow.

The pair were featured in various international media outlets, such as National Public Radio, the BBC, and CTVNews in Canada. They now devote themselves to serving their online community at Next Level Guitar.


DAVID TAUB has been playing guitar for over twenty years and has played in many original and cover bands up and down the East Coast and in California. He has studied extensively with east coast guitar legends Ernie White and Paul Crook. David currently performs throughout Southern California with the rock band Leo Rising. He has extensive studio and live playing experience and has toured the east coast as well as put out two original independent band CDs - the second after being signed to a management- production deal with Philadelphia based Solutions Entertainment.

More importantly, his easy-going, home-spun style makes learning the guitar more attainable and fun for everyone.


TIM GILBERG is the "Computer Guru" of Next Level Guitar. With an educational background in computer engineering, Tim met David Taub as a guitar student in May 2006. He was so amazed with David's teaching techniques that he proposed a plan to bring David's teaching gift to the world. Next Level Guitar is the result of that partnership. An avid Southern California surfer, Tim also loves coaching youth volleyball and soccer with his 10-year-old daughter.


           More Testimonials:

“Thank you – with next level guitar lessons its like jamming with you in my living room – you are welcome at any party!”


“I’ve played on and off 15-20 years and you have taught me more then anyone else in such a short time. Thank you very much.”


“David Taub’s instructional materials have been a real godsend to me as a guitar player previously stuck in that common ‘rut’ somewhere between beginner and intermediate skill level. He brings a new pedagogy to the instructional guitar market that is refreshing and full of excellent techniques to quickly ramp up your skills. Dave stresses the fundamentals, yet he delivers them in a way that is palatable for the everyday guitarist. I highly recommend him to anyone wanting to take their guitar playing to the next level.”


“Hi, - I'm starting to teach myself the guitar. I've been through quite a few resources, articles on the Internet, books, dvds, etc... but your lessons are by *far* the most helpful I've found. I've learned more from watching a few of your lessons than from weeks of study and practice using other resources. And I love how your lessons get me playing actual popular songs.”


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