Learn FROM the licks series - 4 Disc Set

Question: Do you know one of the biggest secrets that
separates an ordinary guitarist from the likes of
Jimi Hendrix, Eddie Van Halen, Steve Vai,
or your own favorite guitar god?

Answer: It’s the ability to create and play LICKS

Keep reading to see how I’ve demystified the elusive craft of creating
memorable and killer licks you can use to explode your guitar playing,
starting right now...

WATCH THIS VIDEO to see what this is all about:

Have you ever thought or asked these questions?

- How can I create my own licks?

- How do you use scales to build riffs & licks?

- What’s the secret to phrasing licks together to flow smoothly into solos?

- How do you creatively come up with licks and lick ideas?

- How do I know which scale to use when soloing?

- How can I come up with my own licks so I am not always playing the same things over and over again?

I’m happy to report that I have developed an easy, paint-by-numbers system you can use to learn all this.

But first, I need to point out something important...

The problem with learning just licks alone

I’ll be honest with you - there are lots of products on the market today teaching licks.

But as a guitar teacher who’s taught many thousands of students all over the world, I will let you in on a little secret . . . there are two common mistakes people make when learning how to play licks.

Mistake No. 1 is when you are taught guitar licks – and nothing else. In other words, they leave it up to you as to how to make use of the licks themselves: how to practice them, how to apply them, and how to figure out where did the licks come from as far as what scales did they use to build the lick, etc.

This is a bigger mistake than you might think. Sure, you’ll get to learn a lick, and that’s fine as far as it goes. But when you learn to play a lick without also knowing what’s behind the lick, then you’re not moving forward or make any real progress.

Let me put it this way:
Would you rather be handed a fish sandwich so that you can feel full for a few hours?
... or Would you rather learn how to fish so that you can eat for a lifetime?

My teaching philosophy is radically different from many – I teach you to learn FROM the lick so that you learn an infinite number of guitar licks for a lifetime.

Learning from the lick gives you the ability to understand which scale the lick is played from.
This way, you’ll learn how to apply it in any musical situation. And suddenly you’ll learn how to vary the lick and...

Turn one lick into 10 licks!
(or 100 . . . or 1,000 . . .)

Do you see how huge that is? Seeing the scale gives you the musical vision to build your own licks. So you just don’t learn licks….you learn from the licks. Big, big difference.

Mistake No. 2 in learning licks comes from overcomplicating the process. This comes from trying to do too much, too soon, which is why everything I teach is in a logical, natural stair-step progression that prevents you from missing a crucial early step that will come back to haunt you later.

The good news here is that I have just spent months putting together a step-by-step system that makes this easy for you.

Introducing ...

Learn FROM the licks series ...


FROM: David Taub co-founder of Next Level Guitar

Dear Guitarist,

Let me put this as bluntly and simply as possible...

When you unlock the secrets to creating and playing rock licks, you unlock the secret of playing guitar. Period.

Sure, there are many elements to playing guitar. But think about your favorite guitarist for a second. Doesn’t he or she have a “signature” sound that rests largely on the licks they play and the technique they use to get those sounds?

Of course they do. Think of the soaring licks screaming from Jim Hendrix’s guitar. Or the insane licks that Eddie Van Halen wrings out of his axe. Or any great guitarist you happen to admire – they all know how to create and play licks.

Look, when you play guitar without those memorable, signature licks, what you are is a dude strumming a guitar.

Nothing wrong with that, of course. But, man, throw in a few dynamite licks and – Bam! – now you’re an absolute beast who’s totally on fire, blowing minds and dropping jaws all around you.

Seriously, this is how you make that next big leap. When you know how to play licks seamlessly – and more importantly, how to create your own, even on the fly – THAT’S when you start getting questions from your friends. Questions like:

“Dude, when did you learn to play like THAT?”
“You’ve been playing guitar HOW long?”
“Wow... I had no idea... (speechless)...”

This course covers all the basics with over 6 hours of video lessons on 3 DVDs, 10 killer audio jam track CD, and coinciding 58-page PDF book. Get ready to learn and create licks like never before.

Rock On!

This course is a structured program of DVD video instructional lessons, audio jam tracks, written lessons and diagrams.

ROCK LICKS – SECRETS UNLEASHED is absolutely packed with:

THREE 2-hour DVDs

Audio Jam Tracks CD

A 58-page PDF written lesson book

That’s SIX full hours of video lessons, 10 killer studio quality audio jam tracks and a huge reference book of written lessons and scale diagrams that ties it all together. This is a new, groundbreaking course that will skyrocket your playing to the next level….guaranteed.

Here’s what I have for you, and how you’ll benefit . . .

I’ve put together a way to teach lick techniques that work with any scale. This means you now have an endless array of licks that can be blasted all over your playing – it’s not just about learning one lick.

And I simplified everything by showing you how to practice the licks over jam tracks – which I have included in the package.

How to avoid the dreaded curse of over complication...

Have you ever tried instructional videos that blaze through the material so fast you are constantly on the rewind button?

Man, doesn’t that get frustrating?

That’s fairly standard practice for other products that teach licks, but I was determined to find a better way.

My solution? Simple. I break all the licks and techniques down and demonstrate them for you at two different playback speeds: “learning speed” and “regular speed”. No rewind button needed! (Whew.).

You’ll never get that rushed feeling – only the rush of banging out licks that will surprise you when you see how easily they rang out of your guitar.

Before I tell you exactly what’s in this package (it’s a ton of stuff because I’m a little obsessive compulsive about leaving no stone unturned and taking nothing for granted), let me boil down some of the more essential benefits you’ll get.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this 4-Disc and book course:

Learn how to create an endless stream of your own licks – even if you feel like you don’t have a creative bone in your body.
Learn licks that work with ANY scale. (Great for any playing situation.)
Learn modal licks, right hand tapping. I explain everything even if you’ve never done these before.
Learn TONS of scales, and learn licks in the styles of Jimi Hendrix, Eddie Van Halen, Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, and many others.
Learn to solo and improvise in any key.
Unlock your creative juices when you follow my method of learning.
Learn how to use lick techniques to practice and memorize scales cold.
Learn how to use licks to improve your finger strength and dexterity.
Learn lick techniques that work over any scale, over any mode.
Learn how to know what scale to use in a given key, song, jam, or progression.
Gain lead guitar confidence to solo over any song or progression.

Don’t let anyone get in the way of your guitar dream – and don’t over think
the process because I’ve simplified everything for you

You’ll excuse my excitement about this. You know how when you recommend a favorite new musical artist to your best friend you’re almost jealous because they will soon get to hear them for the first time? Well, THAT’S how I feel in sharing this material with you.

I’m also proud and happy to release this Rock Licks Secrets Unleashed Course because it fulfills my mission to make learning the guitar as simple and fun as humanly possible. This truly gives you the “complete lead guitar picture”.

Simply put, this package is a killer 4-disc set that will help get your lead guitar playing and improvisation to the next level. You are going to love this combination of rock licks video lessons, classic songs filled with killer licks, audio jam tracks, technique builders, written lessons, and much more.

Believe me, there is just nothing like sitting back and just tearing into your guitar playing some totally mean rock licks! Not to mention having the lead guitar confidence to play over any song or jam in any key at any time. This package will give you all the tools to do just that.

How Going ‘Above and Beyond’ Will Take
You to Another Level More Quickly

Let me be clear: I not only teach what scale every lick is taken from and how to apply the lick – I also demonstrate over jam tracks so that you can see and learn the practical musical application. And, YES, you DO receive the jam tracks on the accompanying Rock Jam Track CD!

To make learning even easier we also supply on-screen text, multiple camera angles, and close ups of the neck, fret hand, and pick hand.

I think you will find that my teaching methods are of the best available on the market today. I have successfully taught thousands of students all over the world and I am dedicated to getting your playing to the next level in the fastest and most efficient manner.

Know that if you practice these techniques, work hard, keep honing your skills and keep refining your art that these methods will bring you results – guaranteed.

I wish you the best in all your musical endeavors. Enjoy the journey, and as always……..ROCK ON!

David Taub

Lesson descriptions & menus:

ROCK LICKS DVD 1 (two hours of lessons)

DVD Introduction & Practice Tips – in this module we discuss the format for the coming lessons. We discuss our teaching philosophy and how to get the most out of these lessons so you can get your playing to the next level in the fastest and most efficient manner. We teach you how to learn from licks as you will not only learn licks but also the scales they are pulled from, why they work, how to use the licks in various keys, how to vary them into hundreds of other licks, and how to practice them over the accompanying audio jam tracks CD. Learn valuable practice tips on scales, scale application, key, a progressive and logical order for learning different scales, practice playing tips, jam track usage, and more - all to help give you as complete a guitar education as possible as you move forward in your guitar journey.

Minor Pentatonic Licks & Techniques – this section of the DVD is broken into two lessons:

1. Minor Pentatonic & Blues Spice Up Your Playing Lesson – in this lesson we teach many techniques and licks to spice up your Minor Pentatonic & Blues scales. Learn how to add colorful notes and bends to the Minor Pentatonic scale, cool ways to add in the blue note, minor third to major third bending tricks, adding passing notes and slurs, cool slides, hip bends in the scale, licks across the neck, combining licks and phrasing them together, and how to get your playing out of the vertical “box” and flowing across the neck.

2. Fiery Repeating Minor Pentatonic Licks – in this lesson we teach some fast and flashy Pentatonic runs using hammer-ons and pull-offs. Learn how to move these licks around on the neck and get them to sound fluid when phrased in with other licks. We teach the base licks and then many ways to vary the lick into different variations. Learn how to pull licks apart and make one lick into five licks. Learn what we call “lick heaven”, which will unlock the creative juices in you to create an unlimited number of licks. These are also great licks to improve your finger strength and dexterity.

One Finger Bar Licks Technique Lesson – in this lesson we teach some killer rock licks using a one finger bar technique that you can apply to many scales and licks. Here you will learn “must know” rock licks that all rock players must have in their lead guitar arsenal. Learn how to take this technique and vary it for many more licks that you will find incredibly useful. We teach the proper fingering, proper string bending, and scale application for these licks. We also teach various “add-ons” for this lick for variation to create other cool sounds and licks.

Double Stop Licks Technique Lesson – in this lesson we teach some downright mean and ripping licks by playing two notes together, (double stop). Double stops will add a whole new tonal dimension to your lead playing that sounds very different than just playing single-note lines. A solid catalog of double stops is a must have tool for every lead guitarist. Learn the needed double stop string bending techniques, bending to pitch, and proper fingering. Learn how to vary them with bending techniques, vibrato, two-string bends, and also how to phrase them together with other licks. We also discuss good lead playing principles and tips.

Natural Minor Scale & Licks Lesson – in this lesson you will learn all about the Natural Minor scale. This is a must-know scale for rock players and you will find yourself playing it all the time. We teach you easy fingerings and positions for the scale so you can grab it fast in any key. Learn the hip bends in the scale and how to check that your bends are in pitch. You will also learn a bunch of Natural Minor licks using hammer-ons, pull-offs, half step bends, whole step bends, legato licks, trill licks, and speed building licks. Also learn how to phrase together Natural Minor with other scales.

Pedal Tone Licks Or Pivot Licks lesson – in this lesson you will learn how to create pedal tone licks. This is a killer technique that will open many lead guitar doors. Learn how to make these licks stand out using certain keynotes to make huge soloing statements. Learn advanced pedal licks incorporating wide interval stretching and string skipping. Learn how to create pedal licks from different scales and scale fragments to create an endless array of licks.

ROCK LICKS DVD 2 (two hours of lessons)

Minor Pentatonic Licks - this section of the DVD is broken into two lessons:

1. Minor Pentatonic Rock Licks Lesson – in this lesson we teach more killer Minor Pentatonic licks using different Minor Pentatonic shapes. We continue the lick education by opening up some Minor Pentatonic doors that may be unfamiliar to you. Learning and using other positions will help unlock the fretboard to new licks and ideas. These licks will incorporate faster runs, pull-offs, and soulful string bending.

2. More Minor Pentatonic Rock Licks – in this lesson we continue with some cool and fun Minor Pentatonic licks that you will quickly incorporate into your playing arsenal. Here you will learn a very fast three-finger lick using the Minor Pentatonic Blues scale with hammer-ons. Learn other licks where we incorporate string bending and vibrato to get various tonal variations on the lick.

Major Pentatonic Licks - this section of the DVD is broken into two lessons:

1. Major Pentatonic Licks – in this lesson we teach you all about the Major Pentatonic scale and licks. Learn all kinds of Major Pentatonic licks as well as critical tips on how to play this scale in any key without having to learn more scale shapes. Learn about relative major and minor and how they translate to your lead playing and lick building. Learn how to add the Sus4 note to this scale and all kinds of licks like Slash inspired licks, pedal licks, repeating licks, sweet string bending licks, double stop licks, and more.

2. Hendrix Inspired Major Pentatonic Licks Lesson – in this lesson you will learn cool techniques and licks using Major Pentatonic to get a real Jimi Hendrix flavor. Learn how to embellish bar chords in a fast and easy manner to bring new life and new tonal opportunities to your music. Learn about chordal inversions that you can embellish with hammer-ons and pull-offs to create all kind of sweet sounding licks. Learn how to combine Major Pentatonic scales with inverted chords for awesome new sounds.

Major Scales - this section of the DVD is broken into two lessons:

1. Major Scale Link & Licks Lesson – in this lesson you will learn all about Major scales. Learn how to link them together and how to create licks using Major scales. This lesson will get your playing out of the “box” and across the fretboard. Learn the importance of targeting strong landing notes and knowing where the root notes are located. Learn tricks and tips for playing across the neck and combining your lick ideas into a well-phrased and fluid solo. Learn sweet sounding sliding licks, hammer-on and pull-off licks, half-step bend licks, repeating licks, and how to create interest in melody in your lead lines.

2. Legato Technique With Hammer-Ons and Pull-Offs – in this lesson you will learn some fast legato licks moving across the neck using hammer-ons and pull-offs. This technique has a real Joe Satriani flavor to it. Learn how to use these techniques as practice tools for building finger strength and finger dexterity, speed, and pinky strength. We also teach you how to vary the technique to get many different licks and lick ideas.

Open String Licks – in this lesson you will learn a very cool solo technique using open strings to add new sounds to your lead-playing arsenal. This technique is demonstrated using both the Minor Pentatonic & Blues scale and the Major scale. Learn all the note positions and how to add in the open strings for killer lick ideas. You will also learn how to visualize the scale on one string up the neck adding that open string for killer licks.

Lick Techniques – this section of the DVD is broken into three lessons:

1. Climbing Licks Technique Lesson – in this lesson you will learn a lick technique on using hammer-ons, pull-offs, slides, and trills to climb ascending or descending up or down scales. This is a quick and easy way to get a whole new battery of licks worked into your lead-playing arsenal. You will also learn how to combine this technique with other lick techniques that we teach in this DVD series.

2. Scales In Thirds Technique Lesson – in this lesson you will learn a technique called playing scales in thirds. This is another cool technique to open up the fretboard to an endless array of licks. This technique can also be used as a killer practice tool to get to know scales cold. We break scales into scale fragments and teach you to create licks using this technique. This technique is demonstrated using many scales as well as you will learn how to run it into other licks that you have been learning throughout this DVD series.

3. Scales in Fourths Technique Lesson – in this lesson you will learn a technique called playing scales in fourths. This technique is similar to the above scales in thirds lesson, but it’s a little more challenging. Scales in fourths is another technique that will open up the fretboard to an endless array of licks. And much like the scales in thirds this technique can also be applied over any scale. This technique can also be used as a killer practice tool to practice and get your scales down cold. You will also learn climbing licks in fourths up one string at a time and then tying these licks into other licks you have been working on in this DVD series.

Satriani Inspired Phrygian Melodic Licks – in this lesson you will learn some melodic licks using the Phrygian mode in the styles of Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, and many others. Phrygian is a great mode to bust out at times when playing in a rock vibe. We break the licks down and show you what Major scale the mode is taken from and how to convert it to a cool and different sounding Phrygian lick.

ROCK LICKS DVD 3 (two hours of lessons)

Dorian Licks - this section of the DVD is broken into three lessons:

1. Dorian Scales & Licks – in this lesson we tackle licks in the Dorian mode. Dorian is a mode that you will be using all the time when soloing and improvising in rock music. We teach you how to play in Dorian and you will also learn many critical tips for properly playing in the modes. We teach the hip Dorian bends and licks in combination when using this mode with other scales. Learn cool repeated licks, licks using hammer-ons and pull-offs as well as combining this scale with other lick techniques we teach on this dvd set.

2. Vai Inspired Dorian Melodic Lick Lesson – learn melodic licks using the Dorian mode in the styles of Steve Vai, Neil Schon, Steve Lukather, & many more guitar greats. Use this lick as a springboard to new creative ideas and riffs. Learn the Dorian scale the lick is pulled from and how to break up the scale and assemble licks.

3. More Dorian Rock Licks – in this lesson we tackle more licks using the Dorian mode. Learn how to pull Dorian apart and build licks. We also teach a bunch of melodic half step Dorian bends and how to vary the bending utilizing this mode. Learn hybrid-picking techniques to get some cool sounds with this lick using double stops

Lick Techniques – in this lesson you will learn another killer lick building technique. We call this one skipping thirds. This is a fantastic technique that you can use with any scale or mode to make killer sounding licks. Along with some of the other lick techniques taught in this series these skipping thirds can also be used as exercises to work the fingers and to learn scales cold. You will also learn how to connect this technique to other licks for fluidly phrased solos.

Right Hand Tapping Licks - this section of the DVD is broken into two lessons:

1. Right Hand Tapping Techniques & Licks – in this lesson we teach a bunch of tapping licks and techniques. Learn many ways to tap out licks to get various sounds. You will learn all the hammer-on and pull-off techniques and licks as well as how to vary the patterns for even more lick ideas. We also teach tips on string muting for ultra clean play, one string run ups, and how to get these licks up to speed fast and easy.

2. Van Halen Inspired Scale Tapping Licks – in this lesson you will learn some more right hand tapping licks. Here we teach how to play a scale with the fret hand and then tap out the notes with the pick hand. So you are tapping out scales in a real Van Halen type of vibe. We also throw in bending and sliding while tapping to get even more cool tones and variations.

Arpeggio Licks - this section of the DVD is broken into two lessons:

1. Minor Arpeggio Licks Lesson – in this lesson you will learn all about arpeggios. Learn how to play a minor arpeggio and killer arpeggio licks. You will also learn ways to connect the arpeggio licks to scalar licks. Learn tricks to find arpeggios fast all over the neck in any key. You will also learn how to use arpeggios in practical playing application and practice exercises moving triad shapes around the neck.

2. Combine & Stack Arpeggios and Scales – in this lesson you will learn more arpeggios and arpeggio licks. Learn how to combine arpeggios and connect them to other licks and scales. This lesson ties together many of the previous lessons and licks learned in this DVD series. These licks will challenge you with adding tapping, stacking arpeggios together, fast scaler runs, arpeggios tied into scales, and much more.

Sweep Picking Technique - this section of the DVD is broken into two lessons:

1. Sweep Picking Lesson – in this lesson you will learn the technique of sweep picking. We start you off slow and build slowly so you can get all the proper techniques and concepts solid. We teach the technique with multiple camera angles and tight shots of the fret and pick hand so you can get this technique with both hands dialed in quick. Learn exercises to help you work up the necessary speed and dexterity and moving it around the fretboard.

2. Sweep Picking & Tapping Lesson – in this lesson we take sweep picking to the next level. You will learn how to add tapping and slide licks to sweeping arpeggios. The combined effect of tapping with the sweep picking will add a new tonal dimension to your lead playing. Learn to move the patterns across the neck in all keys. Get tips along the way for clean sweeping, pull-offs, and right hand tapping.


Rock Jam Tracks Plus is dramatically different than other random jam tracks or downloadable backing tracks you may have seen online. With this package you will learn what scales, modes, or arpeggios will work over a given set of chords so you can go right to them. This will help get you the lead guitar confidence to be able to play lead guitar over virtually any song or progression.

You will learn how to analyze chords, songs, and progressions and then go straight to the proper lead guitar avenues without even thinking about it. And in the above DVD lessons on the Rock Licks DVDs I prompt you at various points to go to a certain rock jam track to apply what you have been learning – so it all gets tied together. So now instead of just playing along to some nice background music, you are involved in a real, exciting tutorial that will take your lead guitar playing to new heights. Here is what the pack contains:

AUDIO JAM TRACK CD - This killer CD has ten full-on Rock Jam Tracks that are both fun and empowering to use as practice tools. These tracks are a great way to hone your lead guitar skills to a sharp edge and they sound awesome because they have been professionally recorded and mastered at Sound Source Studios here in San Diego.

To give this CD the most possible valuable variety, I mixed up the keys, chords, and tempos to give you lots of lead guitar avenues over different rhythmic jam examples. Included are minor key and major key tracks, heavy rock, power chord rock, minor blues-rock, mellow grooves, ballads, and more. I mixed it up across the rock genre to allow for maximum playing examples and maximum learning potential.

COINCIDING LEAD GUITAR WRITTEN LESSON PDF BOOK – this book is packed with over 56 pages of lead guitar lessons. It is the keystone that transforms the Rock Jam Tracks CD from mere background music to focused tutorial.

These written lessons will take you through each jam track, teaching the complete lead guitar picture for each and every one. You’ll learn multiple guitar avenues for each track, and you’ll learn why each avenue works. So you will learn what to play over certain keys, chords, and progressions. You’ll know what works and why it works. And that will allow you to blast these concepts across your entire playing repertoire.

The book is packed with lessons and scale diagrams. You will also learn how to spice up your Minor Pentatonic scales, learn the circle of fifths, learn ten helpful hints to get your playing to the next level, learn the choices when soloing, learn key points to determine soloing avenues, learn the notes on the fretboard, learn the order of sharps and flats, and plenty more lead guitar playing tips and tricks.

Click here for a detailed description and DVD preview of the Rock Jam Tracks Plus Package

PLUS, with this course you get the benefits of all media – you get the video lessons, audio jam tracks, and written lessons. This 3-prong approach to teaching
will get you to your guitar goals in the fastest manner possible.


You Get Everything For:


That’s right we will ship you this killer package anywhere on the planet
with no shipping charges – ANYWHERE!

Here’s my Totally Risk-Free, No-Worries,
“Rock On” Guarantee

Let me make this easy for you. Just dive in and soak up all the learning material in this package for 90 days. Put them to practice and watch yourself playing guitar and having fun in the shortest amount of time possible.

How cool is that? You’re in control, not us.

So dive right in and soak up the lessons. Put them to practice and watch yourself playing guitar and having fun in the shortest amount of time possible.

Your purchase is unconditionally guaranteed for 90 days, no questions asked. Period.

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My methods work, they get results. Give them a try and I know they will exceed your expectations. Feel free to drop me line if you have any questions.

As always I wish you the best in your guitar journey and in all your musical endeavors,

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