Don't You Wish Someone Would De-Mystify the Complicated and Killer Art of Shred Guitar So That YOU Could Always Be the Coolest (and Most Skilled) Guitarist in the Room?

Finally ... the Ultimate Shred Guitar Toolbox for Anyone Who Wants to Rip and Shred Easily and Naturally, as if Your Ax Had a Genius Mind of its Own . . .

Read this page carefully to see how my new 4-DVD "Masters of Shred" course will get you to that next level FAST, whether you want to play jaw-droppingly killer shred guitar, or even just vastly improve ANY genre you happen to practice.

Hello Good People! David Taub from Next Level Guitar here

Look, shred guitar is probably one of the most misunderstood genres out there . . .

Let me clear up some dangerous misconceptions about this incredible (and incredibly useful) style of play so that you can achieve dizzying speed and laser-sharp accuracy to blow the minds of everyone watching you play.

By the way, you'll find this valuable even if you play styles other than shred, so hang with me here . . .

First of all, playing shred is NOT just a matter of playing a bunch of notes at blinding speed. If that's all it was, then we could probably train any monkey to crank out insane solos.

Did you know that great shredders are among the most respected guitarists around?

It's true. Playing shred demands technical skill and and always impresses audiences in a way that other styles simply can't match.

You know what I'm talking about. Tell me you don't get chills watching Paul Gilbert just EXPLODE on stage.
Remember the first time you saw Joe Satriani or Steve Vai light it up? I sure do.

Let's face it, watching a master a shred his ax on stage in full display can be one of those life- changing experiences. It becomes sonic art in its highest form, which is why learning shred techniques is one of the smartest things ANY guitarist can do, whether he's into playing heavy metal or not.

How to Develop the 'Blow Away Factor

I'll be honest with you. While learning shred techniques is probably the best way to get to the next level no matter what style you're playing, it's not as easy as strumming, say, a G chord.

Warning: Learning shred requires top-notch instruction. You have no chance if you think you'll just "pick it up" or "absorb" it somehow by watching videos of your favorite guitarists.

So, yeah, shred is challenging. But it CAN BE TAUGHT.

Let me say that again: Mastering shred techniques does not happen overnight, but IS doable for ANYONE who puts in a reasonable amount of time with solid instruction.

Burn that into your brain until you believe it because it's absolutely true. Great shredders are MADE, not born.

I know this because I have never met a great guitarist who didn't diligently ply his craft to get to where he was.

And let me tell you, when you DO get it, it's a "WOW!" moment that will propel you to greater and greater heights in your guitar journey.

It's challenging. It's energizing. It infuses you with an excitement for playing that can improve your skill like nothing else.

Steve Vai once said that a shred guitarist is "someone who has such a tremendous amount of technique that what they do just seems completely effortless and absurd. It's like this burst of energy that just comes out in extremely fast tearing kind of playing where the notes actually connect. Shred has to have a particular kind of 'tide' to it, I think, that actually gives you that 'blow away' factor that makes it impressive, to a certain degree."

The "Blow Away Factor" — now THAT'S why I love playing shred, and why you should, too!

If you'd like to play faster and more accurately, and if you'd like to absolutely RUIN anyone who listens to you with jaw-dropping skill and style, then check out my latest home study course . . .

Introducing . . .

"Masters of Shred" (including on-screen tabulature)

This is a 6-hour, 4-DVD course that will not only teach you every technique you'll ever need to play fast, precise guitar, but also how to APPLY those techniques into ANY musical context.

Learn the killer shred techniques of some of the greatest players of all time -- shred legends such as:

Joe Satriani
Steve Vai
Eddie Van Halen
Paul Gilbert
Jeff Loomis
Jason Becker
Shawn Lane
Zakk Wylde
Dimebag Darrell Abbott

You'll Never Find a Shred Resource as Complete as This One
(Believe Me, I've looked)

If you've been with me for any amount of time, you know that I never release a new product until I first "go underground" and see what else is out there.

I admit it — I do this because I'm a little competitive and I have a perfectionistic streak. It's the only way I work, and while it always takes some extra time it's always worth it, based on the killer feedback I get from my students every day.

For instance, I found lots of individual DVDs on single techniques such as sweep picking or fretboard tapping . . . but it's impossible to find a first-rate package that puts it all together in one killer resource.

Not only that, it's even harder to find someone who will teach you the proper technique ALONG WITH showing you how to use it in a musical context. Leaving that out is like handing someone a bunch of random food ingredients without also giving them a recipe to actually bake something. This is huge!

Here's what you'll learn in "Masters of Shred"
(This is the "nitty gritty") . . .

Master alternate picking and surprise yourself by how quickly you can build tremendous speed.

Learn killer string skipping all over the fretboard.

Learn all about sweep picking all over the neck to produce an intoxicating fast and fluid sound.

Blow your friends away by learning fluid fast legato playing all over the neck --- you'll be so fast and fluid they'll never have a chance to come up for air!

Discover everything you need to know about arpeggios – major, minor, diminished, modal arpeggios, and many more!

Learn to use the power of diminished lead lines and arpeggios.

Dazzle your audience with killer hybrid picking techniques that allows you to perform music that would normally require fingerstyle playing. This adds flair and flash and takes your playing to a whole 'nother level.

Learn some heavy drop tunings, rhythm and solo style.

Discover and master fretboard tapping, famously popularized by Eddie Van Halen on the song "Eruption" off the album "Van Halen."

Learn metal rhythms and build your speed more quickly and methodically by learning how to practice with a metronome and drum machine. THIS is how you get to the next level while everyone else is noodling around aimlessly!

Learn to create heavy riffs and write your own songs (even if you think you don't have a creative bone in your body.)

Learn the circle of 5ths and other key music theory concepts — easily and painlessly without your head exploding.

Learn and master all the essential shred rock scales and modes and master the entire fretboard!

Let me repeat that last one because it's so important . . .

Listen, when you learn all the essential rock scales and you master the entire fretboard, it is GAME OVER!

Seriously, do you want to know the REAL secret to mastering guitar? It's getting the entire fretboard down cold! When you take the time to do this, you immediately put yourself ahead of 90 percent of all other guitarists!

So why not just decide to do it? In this course, I show you exactly how ... and your guitar journey will never be the same. Doors will open up for you that you previously thought unattainable.

And THAT'S why this course is not just for shred freaks and metal heads — it's for ANY guitarist in ANY genre who simply wants to get to the next level and begin blowing away listeners (and themselves) with indispensable techniques that can be applied to anything you want to do with guitar.

Yes, this course is called "Shred Masters," but I just as easily could have called it "Every Essential Killer Technique That Takes Any Guitar Player from Zero to Sixty In Six Hours."

That's because during the six hours of instruction on these four DVDs, you will learn to every essential technique that others fail to master, putting you way ahead of the pack and that much closer to your guitar dreams.

Come on, let's DO THIS!!

Here's my Totally Risk-Free,
No-Worries, Guarantee

Let me make this easy for you.

I am going to give you a full 12 Month No Questions asked return policy on any of my DVD's. Put them to practice and watch yourself playing guitar and having fun in the shortest amount of time possible.

Get started rocking out today, I cannot wait to hear about your progress

You do not risk anything by ordering now.

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